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Maxcess and RotoMetrics Find Complementary Attributes in Merger

Maxcess International took a significant step forward last week in its mission to comprise a portfolio of companies representing an end-to-end platform. With its January 28 announcement that Maxcess would merge RotoMetrics into the Maxcess International umbrella, the company added a rotary diecutting component to its group of companies that spans a variety of web handling processes.

According to Odd Joergenrud, CEO of Maxcess, one of the ways the merger will be mutually beneficial is how both companies provide an introduction to a specific area of expertise. For example, he explains that RotoMetrics has a significant presence in the tag and label segments, while Maxcess can help bring RotoMetrics technology into the non-woven, electronic, and other industrial segments.

"We see big benefits for RotoMetrics technology in these segments going forward,” Joergenrud said.

From a technological standpoint, Joergenrud said both Maxcess and RotoMetrics have each had success with the use of performance coatings, and will benefit from each other’s knowledge in that realm. Additionally, as the printing and converting industry moves toward Industry 4.0 production concepts, Joergenrud said customers can expect to see advancements in automation.

While too early to announce anything specific, Joergenrud explained that Industry 4.0 advancements as it pertains to rotary diecutting equipment and processes could include web monitoring that can communicate imperfections in the web and mitigate diecutting issues before they happen. In addition to automatically adjusting for variations in web thickness and characteristics, technology advancements could also be used to better monitor the lifespan of a die and alert converters when it’s time to change a die.

“This would minimize downtime, minimize maintenance and make it more plannable for the user,” Joergenrud said.

Because of the strength of the RotoMetrics brand throughout the printing and converting industries, Joergenrud said the company’s customers should expect very little change in their interactions with the company. He added that RotoMetrics has a strong reputation for high-quality customer service, and that will remain intact.

“We want to keep the brand,” he said. “It’s a strong brand and we want to keep the responsive customer service.”

What will change however, is that RotoMetrics will now have the ability to work directly with the other companies under the Maxcess umbrella, which span guiding and inspection; slitting, shafts, and chucks; and a variety of rolls.

By adding rotary diecutting to the mix, Joergenrud said Maxcess will be able to help move the industry in exciting new directions. He cites RFID tag production as one example. RFID tags are produced on a web that gets cut, he said, and Maxcess is now able to work on technology for guiding, slitting, and diecutting for companies in the electronics space.

“It’s a true bundling of our resources and by having people close to customers, we can create value for these product categories going forward,” he said.

Photo caption: Odd Joergenrud, CEO of Maxcess