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Master Builders Solutions® provides digital planning tool for the construction industry

With the Online Planning Tool, Master Builders Solutions® by BASF has developed an innovative specification tool that not only helps construction professionals find the right solutions for their projects quickly and easily, but also adjusts flexibly to changing project requirements and provides crucial information along each step of the project-planning process. The Online Planning Tool is available in local languages in over ten European countries, as well as in English.

Well received by the industry

“The tool has already been successfully used in real-life practical application,” reports Elisabeth Casas Bolivar, Project Manager and responsible for conceptual development of the Online Planning Tool at BASF. “In Spain, for instance, a number of engineering firms have been making very active use of the tool for some time now, and in Italy, Poland and Germany the Online Planning Tool is currently supporting the design stage of infrastructure projects in the water-management sector.”

Detailed information, customized on the go

Technical data sheets, specification documents, declarations of performance, certificates, BIM objects, as well as, where available, relevant reference projects and application videos supplement the data. With a single click, product and application pricing information can be requested, and the project report is compiled and immediately made available for download.

Casas Bolivar explains that feedback has been positive throughout: “Our customers praise the straightforward download process for the specific project documentation and pricing information they require, for instance.”

Online planning – easy, fast, and smart

The Online Planning Tool is available free-of-charge and can be used anytime, anywhere – on desktop computers as well as on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. The project report can be accessed whenever required, and quickly modified to reflect any new requirements as they arise.