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LINTEC EUROPE today announced the launch of PrintGripTM PE-5000ZW - a slip-resistant floor graphic with a hard-wearing grit coating. PrintGrip was manufactured by Lintec to meet the growing demand for social distancing floor graphics, which are being increasingly deployed across a range of retail outlets, council owned premises and transport hubs. The innovative solution offers excellent slip-resistant properties and does not require lamination.

Printers, installers and purchasing organisations should be conscious of the liability risks surrounding floor graphics. The films used to produce these graphics are assigned a 'slip rating' between R9 and R13 - with R9 being the lowest slip resistance and R13 the highest. The great majority of floor graphics available on the market today, for both outdoor and indoor settings have a 'R' rating of R9 or R10 - meaning these materials possess 'poor' or 'very poor' slip resistance and are very likely to cause injuries - especially in wet conditions. This is not widely understood - especially by purchasing organisations. Lintec's PrintGrip provides exceptional levels of grip in dry and wet conditions, with independent testing indicating a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) for of 75 (dry) and 68 (wet). This equates to a R12 rating, which is the minimum recommended rating for floor surfaces likely to get wet - i.e. any public entranceway to a shop, railway station public building or workplace.

PrintGrip is constructed from a UV-stabilised PE-based film that is coated with grit. This is covered with a printable top coating that provides superior adhesion qualities for eco-solvent, UV and latex based inkjet inks. The coating is also suitable for printing with solvent and UV screen printing inks. Featuring an aggressive 50-micron adhesive, the product offers high adhesion to most exterior paved surfaces, including concrete, natural stone and tarmac.

Andy Voss, Managing Director, Lintec Europe comments: "With regulations around social distancing constantly being reviewed, and businesses keen to return as quickly as possible to normal operations, the demand for floor graphics is higher than ever. It is essential that organisations do not overlook the potential slip hazards surrounding floor graphics when carrying out risk assessments. Failure to do so can result in injuries to the public and the possibility of legal claims. With the launch of PrintGrip, we are pleased to offer an innovative, cost-effective solution to assure compliance with social distancing regulations, while also minimising the risk of injury."