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Lintec Europe celebrates successful year with the launch of new Repeel adhesive range

LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD has experienced a year of sustained growth following the formal acquisition by its Japanese parent company, LINTEC Corporation, on 28th November 2016. Since the acquisition, the wide-format, graphics and label substrate supplier has expanded its installed base across Europe, enabling both existing and new customers to have more immediate access to a wider range of LINTEC products.

The acquisition agreement involved the purchase and transfer of all shares of Lintec Graphic Films Ltd to LINTEC’s wholly owned European subsidiary, LINTEC Europe B.V. based in Amstelveen City, the Netherlands. On 21st September 2017, Lintec Graphic Films changed its name to LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD as a reflection of its position as an integral part of LINTEC Corporation.

“We were confident the acquisition would be the beginning of an exciting new phase in the development of the Lintec brand on the European stage,” says Andy Voss, Managing Director of LINTEC EUROPE (UK) LTD, who has welcomed the collaborative approach that LINTEC Corporation has adopted in targeting the European region. He continues: “Over the past year, we have taken on a number of niche products developed in Japan that are now being launched for the European market.”

One of these products is Repeel, which incorporates microsphere adhesive technology that limits the adhesive contact with the application surface. The material is typically used for the production of cardboard box logistics labels, point-of-sale labels and book cover labels. A coated paper product with reliable long term removability, Repeel features ultra-low adhesion and can be removed and reapplied with ease on a variety of surfaces, such as paper, wood, glass or metal.

“Microsphere adhesive technology is an area Lintec is constantly developing, and Repeel represents the latest innovation in our diverse range of adhesives for paper-based materials,” says Voss.

He concludes: “Our commitment to meet and exceed client performance requirements is reflected in our pioneering work in the research and development of new technologies. Repeel is the first in a number of exciting new products we plan to launch to the European market in the coming months.”