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Lintec Europe announces new glare-free anti-graffiti overlaminating film

Suitable for short term outdoor graphic signage applications, as well as building hoardings, Lintec’s M-037EN50T, non-PVC hard coated polyester overlaminating film offers excellent anti-glare and anti-reflection properties. Furthermore, all conventional graffiti paints can be removed from it with the use of a simple plastic scraper, unlike standard anti-graffiti films, which need to be cleaned with environmentally harmful solvents.

The film’s facestock is 50? matt clear polyester, with good self-cleaning and scratch-resistant properties. When applied over printed graphics, these graphics exhibit minimal colour changes, something that is particularly evident with dark printed colours, which typically lighten substantially when overlaminated with a conventional matt film.

The film’s P1069 clear permanent acrylic adhesive offers excellent humidity and high temperature resistance, and offers reliable adhesion to a variety of low-energy surfaces, while the 25? clear polyester liner is designed to ensure maximum adhesive smoothness.

Soichiro Fujinaga, Technical Manager of Lintec Europe comments: “Conventional anti-graffiti overlaminating films often cause excessive reflection and glare if they have a gloss finish, while matt films will often distort the colours of printed graphics. And whether the finish is gloss or matt, graffiti typically has to be cleaned off using environmentally damaging solvents. Lintec’s M-037EN50T gets around all of these problems. As well as being non-PVC, it can be cleaned quickly and simply, without the use of harmful solvents, and the visual qualities are exceptional, with excellent anti-glare and anti-reflection properties, and minimal colour distortion.”