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Lecta Presents Its Newest Environmental Report

In keeping with our commitment to respect for the environment and our focus on sustainability, Lecta carries out its business activity with the aim of minimizing its environmental impact in the communities and areas where we operate, thereby contributing to their wellbeing.

In spite of challenging economic circumstances, this entails allocating a significant portion of our budget to this goal. Over the past ten years, nearly 135 million euros
have been invested in projects to minimize environmental impact. These investments have been allocated to many ambitious projects at our manufacturing sites. The primary goals have been to increase energy efficiency, decrease air emissions and optimize the use of natural resources in the manufacture of our distinct multiproduct portfolio, based on paper as a natural, renewable raw material.

The data on environmental parameters, verified by an independent third party and presented in this report, demonstrates the significant, progressive reduction of
Lecta’s environmental impact as an environmentally responsible company. The document also reviews our performance with regard to the objectives and commitments set in our last report, as well as establishing new goals that will be analyzed in our next edition.

Available in English, French, Italian and Spanish, with a simplified, functional format, you can find our latest Environmental Report in PDF format in the Sustainability and
Download sections at www.lecta.com