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LabelExpo Europe a Success for Apex International

Apex International, the world’s leading manufacturer of anilox and metering technology, enjoyed their best LabelExpo showing to date, shattering previous records for booth visits, leads generated and orders written during the show. Their performance is attributed to a strategy showcasing value through cooperative partnerships as well as a renewed focus on pre-show promotion.

“We have a lot to be excited about following this exhibition.” said Doug Jones, Vice President of Marketing for Apex. “We owe many thanks to our OEM partners for helping us demonstrate the value of our products. Show attendees got to see our GTT anilox as part of Revo demonstrations at Bobst and at Soma Engineering. We showed a nice cross section of the possibilities of both 4 and 7 color fixed palette with these two companies which we know drove a great deal of traffic to our booth. We also had the privilege of working with Omet, MPS and Lombardi to demonstrate our conventional anilox solutions.”

Apex realized a 24% increase in overall booth traffic relative to the previous edition of LabelExpo Europe. This has been attributed at least in part to more pre-show promotion than has been done in the past. “We really made an effort to make sure anyone attending or associated with the show had an opportunity to get to know Apex.” said Jones. “We used a mix of social media, print advertising and multiple mailings to remind the industry of the great work we’re doing here and the results our partners are seeing.”

Apex was able to write multiple orders during the show, including several for first time buyers.  “We had several large orders placed directly at our stand.  I think our technology is really starting to get the attention of our industry.” said Matthew Turner, Area Sales Manager with Apex.  “We’re testing applications and seeing success in areas like opacity that no other anilox company in the world is able to duplicate.  And our success certainly isn’t limited to Europe.  We wrote orders from Australia, Japan, and multiple countries in the Middle East while at the