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Labelexpo 2015, September 29 – October 2, Brussels Collano specialty adhesives

At the Labelexpo (stand A36 in hall A5), Collano will be presenting rubber-based and radiationcurable hotmelts, dispersion adhesives and adhesive films for label, tape, packaging, graphics and security applications. Collano will focus on new developments for bio-based adhesives, concepts for security applications and adhesives that change colour.

Bonding and more
Adhesive systems from Collano do more than simply bond materials. They also deliver a number of additional functions and security features. These include protection against dirt, mix-ups, tampering, and counterfeiting, as well as identification, information, communication and declaration purposes. For example, coloured adhesives that change their colour. Influencing factors such as cold or heat make this possible. Tampering becomes evident. These coloured adhesives are used in security applications, e.g. on security labels, adhesive security tape and seals on security packaging. Coloured adhesives are also used as reversible systems for temperature visualization.

Greener bonding
Collano presents a new generation of UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives that are derived from renewable and bio-based raw materials and are intended for label applications. Fatty acid derivatives found in vegetable oils make particularly attractive base substances for bio-based adhesives, because they have an inherently low glass-transition temperature. The polyester is 100% bio-based, is UVcurable and lends itself to a wide range of PSA formulations for bonding all kinds of profiles. It thus constitutes a logical alternative to established petrochemical products.

Collano’s technological arsenal
The wide range of Collano’s technologies covers moisture-curing hot melt adhesives (Collano® A7 series), moisture-curing PUR hot melts, UV-curing hot melt adhesives (Collano® UV N1 series), thermoplastic adhesive films, heat-reactivated adhesives, dispersion adhesives, reactive systems and rubber-based hot melts.

Technical advice and detailed information will be available at Labelexpo in Brussels, Collano stand A36, in hall A5, or directly from info@collano.com.