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Label Traxx demos HP Indigo tools at DSCOOP

Label Traxx MIS will be demonstrating its latest tools and integration developments with HP Indigo at DSCOOP booth 1007. The recently launched version 7 of Label Traxx incorporates the Enhanced Productivity Model (EPM) costing model in its estimating module. Using HP Indigo’s EPM feature, color jobs use only three inks instead of four, eliminating black ink without compromising on print quality. EPM enables converters to produce color jobs 33% faster, while gaining overall cost savings. Version 7 provides an option in the press record to apply EPM when calculating job costs and quoting them to a customer.

Version 7 is also prepared for the launch of the HP Indigo 20000 by including the press’ costing model in its estimating module. The HP Indigo 20000 model prints up to 29”/74cm wide, is designed primarily for flexible packaging and extends the reach of HP Indigo labels and packaging. Companies thinking of investing in the press can run trial estimates and do cost crossover comparisons with other press technology they already run or are considering.

The new version also demonstrates several new tools that can save a significant amount of time when dealing with customers with large numbers of sorts/SKUs. First, similarly constructed products can be created on the fly by duplicating an existing label product and importing new product IDs and descriptions. Secondly a spreadsheet of existing product numbers and their order quantities can now be imported into a Label Traxx production ticket. Both features can save a significant amount of order processing time for digital label companies.

Visit Label Traxx’s booth to find out about a promotion on it’s JDF module. The JDF module integrates with EskoArtwork's Automation Engine prepress software to pass job information and step and repeat instructions.

“We have some exciting new developments for label printers using the HP Indigo technology,” says Label Traxx president Ken Meinhardt. “DSCOOP is always a great forum for us to share developments with existing users, meet new companies and keep updated on where the technology and industry is moving.”