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Konica Minolta records 51 new installations in East India market

Konica Minolta India has made a major headway into the East India market which saw the company notch up 51 installations of its cutting-edge products in the last six months. The products included AccurioPress C6085, AccurioPress C3080 & C3070p and the Accurio Press C83HC. Geographically, the machines were installed in West Bengal; Assam; Orissa; Bihar; Nagaland; Jharkhand; Manipur and Mizoram.

According to the company, which has over 55% share in the production printing market, it achieved the milestone on the back of its superlative sales network, machine performance, and after-sales services.

The Konica Minolta Accurio Press C6085 and the C3070p are designed to deliver productivity, print quality, versatility, usability, and efficiency.

Among the machines recently installed in the East India region, the Accurio Press C83hc is a unique digital printing solution that allows for the customisation of print jobs in either sRGB or CMYK format through its selectable print mode. This unique proposition allows for vivid image replication that allows smoother skin tones and wider colour gamut to reproduce more colours with accuracy for life-like quality prints.

The company said it currently boasts of a customer satisfaction level of over 95% in service. According to the company, it is one of the main reasons behind Konica Minolta’s success in the region.

The company has also started a recycling process of machines and is offering used machines after refurbishing as pre-owned Konica Minolta machines in the market to help drive repeat business with existing customers. It also has a strong on-ground service network in the region, with direct service infrastructure catering to customer support requirements in the East India market.