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Introducing XtraMile™ Service and solutions powered by Flint Group Packaging & Narrow Web.

Flint Group Packaging & Narrow Web introduces XtraMile™ to the packaging and label markets. XtraMile is a portfolio of services to assist customers in optimising their quality, performance, and cost in the entire value chain.

The modules of XtraMile are designed for customers who want to achieve improvements in their process and increase their overall profitability by streamlining their operations through press productivity, ink management, waste reduction, colour consistency, and by using the latest innovative technologies.

Mr. Doug Aldred, President Flint Group Packaging & Narrow Web had this to say, “Flint Group understands that our customers are continually looking for ways to optimise the full value chain while still maintaining high levels of quality and customer service. We have a long history in the packaging and label markets and we’ve seen a wide variety of print operations around the world. We’ve listened to what customers are saying.”

He continued, “It is one thing to provide consistent, high quality products - we recognise the importance of this; however, we also realise the value in being a partner who can create additional uptime and process improvement. Our aim through XtraMile is to do both.”

Flint Group’s XtraMile is comprised of seven separate modules; each module is designed to support the various needs of the packaging and label print markets.

? Technology – customer innovation and product performance
? Force – improvement in processes and overall profitability
? Colour – brand integrity and colour optimisation
? Supply – delivering a robust and agile supply chain
? Support – a deep understanding of print applications and ink management flow
? Academy – providing on-site training and consultancy
? Life – focusing upon the regulatory landscape and global sustainability

Committed to providing packaging converters, globally, with the very best ink and coatings, Flint Group now boosts their customers’ competitive edge with this comprehensive range of services and support.