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Introducing the innovative eco-friendly and durable paper for tags and labels

Fiberskin® Tag is an innovative 100% paper solution that stands out due to its unique composition. Crafted entirely from paper, it boasts exceptional tear resistance and water resistance, courtesy of its specialized coating. Furthermore, it exhibits robust mechanical properties even in humid conditions.

This paper is not only suitable for food contact but is also recyclable, biodegradable, and compostable. It complies with food certifications BFR XXXVI and DGCCRF, but also with packaging regulations, specifically those governing cellulose nets for fruit and vegetable packaging (in accordance with the anti-waste AGEC law for a Circular Economy). This paper is FSC® certified (FSC® C195593).

Fiberskin Tag emerges as a valuable alternative to plastic when such substitution is essential.

Featuring a one-sided coating, it is suitable for 4-color printing on both sides using flexography and offset technologies, as well as single-side thermal transfer printing. Its versatility extends to easy conversion using standard equipment, mirroring the behavior of traditional paper and board during the conversion process.

This paper finds its niche in various tags and labels applications, including bands for fruit and vegetables, nets for fruit and vegetables (wineglass labels), food labels in cold and refrigerated environments, wristbands for amusement parks and nursery tags.

Catering to all your applications, we offer a range of four grammages:

Coated 1 side 135 g/m² and 185 g/m²

Uncoated 90 g/m² and 220 g/m²