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Innovia Launches New High Speed BOPP Film - PropafilmT REF

Innovia Films (Innovia) recognises that today's competitive market place demands packaging films that perform on a variety of machines, at the highest possible speeds. As overall production costs are scrutinized, achieving high efficiencies is becoming increasingly vital. In response to these trends, Innovia is pleased to introduce its latest high speed Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) film - PropafilmT REF.

This new coextruded material compliments their already well-established range of high speed materials and increases the options for its customers.

PropafilmT REF was designed with speed in mind. The product presents a wide sealing range, when compared to standard coextruded films. At typical laboratory conditions, scientists have been able to confirm over 30°C lower heat seal threshold (the minimum temperature required to achieve acceptable seal strength of 200g/25mm) compared to basic films.

In addition to the wide seal range, this film also provides an enhanced hot tack performance over standard films. This means that the seals, when pulled still hot, resist opening on a larger range of temperatures. Combined, these two properties enable PropafilmT REF to be ideally suited to horizontal-form-fill wrapping applications.

Innovia has been able to validate their laboratory findings with actual packaging machinery trials. SPS Italiana Pack systems (PFM Group), was one of the partners chosen to confirm the film's performance. "We were asked by Innovia Films to confirm the performance of their new film on our machinery. We ran PropafilmT REF on our Modulo machine and we can confirm that speeds of 80m/min were achieved, a substantial 30 m/min improvement. At these speeds, the film was still passing our stringent micro-hole acceptance level.(i.e.200 mbar/20 sec. pillow bag configuration)" says Roberto Spatolisano, Project Manager from SPS.