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Innovative release coatings for labels

Self-adhesive label manufacturers need to address customers’ requirements for solutions that are more ecological, but at the same time are also more economical and efficient. Reducing the amount of material used is one way to achieve both. A thinner label face helps to realize this, but can be more fragile, so premium release properties for matrix stripping after die cutting is needed. The reduced stiffness of the thinner facestock also requires premium release forces to ensure safe automatic label dispensing.

A disruptive way to reduce label material is getting rid of the release liner completely. With linerless labels the reverse side of the label is coated with the adhesive. Evonik’s Interface & Performance Business Line provides the release coating that is applied invisibly to the facestock of the print label; so that the labels can be rolled up without sticking to each other. By getting rid of the liner, savings of up to forty percent of the overall weight and the associated material costs can be made - helping to deliver the cost savings and ecological requirements customers demand.

Evonik TEGO® RC Silicones has launched two products that enables its customers to reduce costs and develop more sustainable label solutions.

TEGO® RC 1904 - It’s easy to let go

The new TEGO® RC 1904 provides premium release forces in high-speed peel applications like matrix stripping of labels and auto apply label dispensing. Coming as a one-component product which does not need pre-blending, TEGO® RC 1904 provides excellent curing performance with high subsequent adhesion values and no loss of tack or adhesion of the label. In addition, it has good anchorage to many different substrates i.e. plastic films and papers without the need to add organic acrylates. TEGO® RC 1904 ensures premium release forces remain stable over time even under humid storage conditions.

Linerless labels are suited for direct thermal labels, prime labels and wrap around labels. Direct thermal linerless technology is widely used for print and apply in retail and for hand held printers in logistic applications. The thermal sensitive paper is siliconized with a UV curing silicone, and the variable information print (VIP) is applied through the silicone layer onto the thermal paper. Existing linerless labels are mainly based on premium top-coated thermal papers. Economic non-top coated thermal papers were not appropriate due to the lack of barrier properties.

TEGO® RC 730 - Face-to-Face protection

Novel Evonik TEGO® RC 730 offers top face protection for thermal linerless labels against migrating substances. It has been developed for non-top coated thermal papers, but can also be used for top coated thermal paper grades. This enables cost competitive solutions using globally available materials and delivers a far superior direct thermal printing performance. This is essential for excellent barcode readability and a prerequisite for labelling postal packages. VIP printing and logistic label application are fast and automated processes with the demand for high reliability. Very compact dispensers with innovative cutting tools are available in the market, meet the technical requirements and offer consistent dispensing processes for linerless labels. Release coatings based on TEGO® RC 730 do their bit to ensure these constant processes by providing stable release forces over time.

More information about these new TEGO® RC products can be found in our ‘Tailor made Release Coatings for Labels’ brochure and you can discover the full product range at www.tego-rc.com.