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INKonnect: Siegwerk introduces remote service solution to take its customer service to a new level

Siegwerk, one of the leading global providers of printing and coatings for packaging applications and labels, deploys remote service solutions to further increase productivity and ensure its customers precisely fitting sales and services. The new remote service solution referred to as ‘INKonnect’ are proving to be viable solution, not only during the current crisis but also in the everchanging global service landscape. They enable Siegwerk to further enhance its high standards of supporting its customers even over distance.

For more than a year, a cross-functional and transregional project team at Siegwerk has been working intensively to evaluate and implement modern digital support tools for Siegwerkers based on their specific business requirements. The whole project comprises the selection of the suitable software and the gradual implementation of IT-infrastructure, a learning platform, and responsible key users.

INKonnect is based on assisted reality (aR) technology. A suitable visualization device, for example smart glasses, is connected via a software application, thereby allowing Siegwerk experts to interact remotely with customer or inhouse technicians in real time. The device provides the users with an immediate field of vision and enables the expert to see what the technician is looking at. This way, technicians can use both hands for troubleshooting on site while being advised and instructed by Siegwerk experts. All in all, productivity and efficiency are increased while waiting time, machine downtime, and thus costs are reduced. What is even more important: hands-free solutions lead to higher safety.

The new remote service allows Siegwerk to support its customers even over distance. Beyond that, the remote services will lead to faster response time for Siegwerk customers and will ensure Siegwerk’s expert Know-how is always and everywhere accessible.

For Siegwerk's customer service, INKonnect is a great leap forward. “We are very proud that we have managed to make remote service a standard Siegwerk offer and that we will be able to provide customers with our expertise in an even closer and more efficient way”, said Peter Steinmetz, Head of Global Technology Excellence and INKonnect Product Owner at Siegwerk. “With this modern solution, Siegwerk further strengthens its high-quality standards in customer service and has once again positioned itself for the future.”

The new solution was first tried and tested in pilot projects. From now on, it will be available to targeted groups of Siegwerk employees around the world. Going forward, the work of the INKonnect project team is not finished. The next focus is to encourage the usage and further implementation, support key users, and evaluate the potential future external roll-out directly to Siegwerk customers.