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INGEDE certificates confirm good deinkability for UV-curing ink series from Zeller+Gmelin

The printing ink manufacturer Zeller+Gmelin GmbH & Co. KG is known as a specialist for radiation-curing inks and coatings, a market segment that has grown continuously in recent years. The success of UV-curing ink systems can be explained by their advantageous properties. In their feedback, users mention in particular the possibility of immediate further processing due to the fast curing and the good physical and chemical resistances. The high printing speeds that can be achieved with this solvent-free 100 percent system are also viewed positively.

At the same time, critical voices accuse UV inks of limited deinkability. This aspect has increasingly come into focus in the course of the sustainability debate. Zeller+Gmelin pays particular attention to the complete recyclability of products printed with inks or coatings from Eislingen. For this reason, the company has had the deinkability of its recently developed Uvalux® U40 and Uvalux® U41 ink series tested by the independent international research association Deinking-Technik (INGEDE).

Good deinkability is an essential frerequisite for the recycling of paper-based products. The samples that Zeller+Gmelin submitted to INGEDE for testing were prints produced in the UV offset printing process on both uncoated and coated paper. The evaluation of the submitted print samples was carried out according to INGEDE Method 11. The results impressively refute the general prejudice that UV inks are difficult to deink. All samples were classified as "good deinkability". This means that they all meet the requirements of the highest category. In addition to the two ink series Uvalux® U40 and Uvalux® U41, the inks of the Uvalux® LED U540 series, which is designed for the commercial sector, also received confirmation of good deinkability in a separate INGEDE test on coated paper.

Scored 100 out of 100 twice

The test print of the Uvalux® U40 series achieved a total of 97 out of 100 possible points on coated paper according to INGEDE Method 11, and the sample with the uncoated paper quality even achieved the absolute highest score of 100 points. The ink series is especially designed for printing on paper and board materials. It is predominantly used for the production of non-food packaging, non-food labels and any kind of forms and commercial printing.

The Uvalux® U41 series also achieved the top rating when printing on coated paper. On uncoated paper, the INGEDE certificate also certifies that this ink series has good deinkability. The low-migration UV offset inks are intended for use in the food sector. They are suitable for printing on papers and a wide range of films. Consequently, they can be found in application areas such as folding cartons as well as in adhesive labels, in-mold labels or shrink sleeves.

In the current and future development of its printing inks, Zeller+Gmelin pursues the stringent goal of implementing environmentally compatible solutions without compromising on the required properties. By optimizing the ecological footprint of its ink systems, the Eislingen-based company supports the recycling of commercial and packaging prints that use UV-curing inks and coatings in their production. In this way, Zeller+Gmelin is making an active contribution to achieving the target defined by the EU of increasing the recycling rate for paper and cardboard packaging from 60 to 85 percent by 2030. Good deinkability is a particularly effective lever for ensuring the complete recyclability of products printed with UV or LED UV inks, in this context.