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In Memoriam Ann Hirst-Smith (1945-2021)

Ann Hirst Smith passed away this past Sunday, January 24, around 1:30pm UK time. Ann had been in the hospital and became sick with corona and died as a result of that illness. She was very peaceful at the end.

Ann was a unique individual and one of a kind. She was a fantastic friend (confidant and colleague) and did so much for me personally, as well as for AWA and its success. She was generous, loving and will be missed immensely. Especially her wit, compassion, and complaints about the weather.

Ann Hirst-Smith, a lady proud of her Scottish heritage, was an independent, international journalist based in the UK. As the Managing Partner of Ann Hirst-Smith Associates, Ann had a broad spectrum of interests focused on the packaging, labelling, printing and graphics industries. In later years her interests grew to include environmental issues and sustainability. Ann was also the co-author of books with her husband Peter in areas remote from the industry, including co-authorship of the “Complete Candle Maker”.

Ann started her journalism career in the late 1960s on magazines including John O’Londons and a Time & Tide before moving into the publishing industry. Following years of dedicated work in the 1970s and 1980s as Marketing Services Manager for Avery Dennison, Fasson UK, Ann established Ann Hirst-Smith Associates and maintained close relationships across the packaging and labeling industry. In later years, her journalistic and public-relation skills were used by a number of companies and trade associations – all associated with the broader converting sector. She travelled widely covering industry and international trade conferences and exhibitions, reporting on developing trends and innovations for a wide range of journals and trade press. She was also instrumental in establishing and managing a number of public-relation exercises to encourage excellence in products and processes. These included competitions within specific converting segments, and the editing of company literature and magazines.

Ann enjoyed travel and the experiences of meeting new people, and learning of new developments inside and outside her immediate areas of activity. She also enjoyed art and food, and was an adventurous cook experimenting with recipes and ingredients.

Her home was in a semi-rural area of South-East England and she shared the house and gardens with a number of pets – but her cats and chickens were her pride. She gave each a personal and humorous name that seemed to reflect the pet’s individual characters and appearance.

Her contribution as a friend, confident, industry expert, and colleague will be sorely missed.

Donations in memory of Annie, Due to her love for the country side around her, can be made to the Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust:

https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/ann-hirst-smith .

Annie leaves behind an enormous number of friends and admirers, including her family Jenny, Robin, Angela and Victoria Carmichael.

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74a the Village
HD4 6XX, England