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Herma: new catalogue shows self-adhesive materials for wine labels:

What is possible today in terms of design and print quality for wine labels? Self-adhesive materials specialist HERMA has consulted with renowned wine label design and printing experts – the agency meister-plan and the printer Vollherbst. Together, they have developed a new catalogue showcasing self-adhesive materials for the industry. It gives label printers, winegrowers, advertising agencies, and designers a comprehensive overview of the possibilities offered by self-adhesive materials from the HERMAexquisite portfolio. This successful range has grown a lot during the last years, now comprising a total of 27 products, including finely textured and moisture-resistant papers as well as coated papers, silver and gold films, and white or transparent films. The new HERMA catalogue contains a designed sample label for each product, thereby providing a wealth of ideas regarding materials and designs. The sample labels were designed by Stuttgart-based agency meister-plan which specializes in marketing services for vineyards and winegrowers. “Labels are a decisive factor for the success of a wine”, says agency owner Bettina Meister. “A good wine label always captures the brand in a nutshell, involving, amongst other things, the perfect interplay of tactile and visual stimuli. HERMA self-adhesive materials provide designers with plenty of inspiration for creating the perfect label.”

This is confirmed by Matthias Vollherbst, managing director of the eponymous printing company, a leading expert for wine labels. Based in Endingen in South-West Germany, the family-owned business produces approximately 500 million wine and spirits labels per year. “High-quality materials, such as those provided by HERMA, and sophisticated print finishing processes allow winegrowers to ‘premiumize’ their wines with attractive labels, as we like to call it, thus strengthening their position”, says Matthias Vollherbst. Creating the samples in the HERMAexquisite catalogue, Vollherbst used all technical options at their disposal. After digital printing, the labels were, for instance, finished by means of blind embossing, hot foil relief embossing, or high-build varnish. “All HERMA materials provided excellent processing characteristics”, stresses Vollherbst.

Excellent adhesion even in ice buckets

To maintain this positive general impression even when a wine or sparkling wine bottle has been submerged in an ice bucket for a long period, HERMA has developed the 62W multi-layer adhesive 62W especially for use with wine labels. In almost all materials from the HERMAexquisite portfolio, it ensures excellent adhesion even under moist conditions. This has been confirmed by extensive ice bucket tests in HERMA’s in-house laboratory. “The 62W, a dispersion adhesive, offers label printers a very good alternative to traditional hotmelt adhesives – with adhesive characteristics that are at least as good, if not far superior processing characteristics”, says HERMA sales director Ralf Drache. “Massive adhesive bleed or very dirty tools are therefore now a thing of the past.” Moreover, the adhesive is ISEGA-certified for direct contact with foodstuffs.