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Henkel develops adhesives for print-on-demand

Digital printing is booming. Books on demand, photo books, doctoral theses or small print runs of catalogs and company brochures are increasingly being produced digitally rather than by classic offset printing. Henkel has put together a complete product range of bookbinding adhesives to meet the specific needs of this sector.
Digital printing is a process by which the print format is transferred from a computer directly to a printing machine, such as a laser or inkjet printer, or a fast copier. Unlike offset printing, no fixed printing copy is required for digital printing, so that every sheet can be printed differently. For smaller print runs, this process is more economical than offset printing and is thus an important element in the print-on-demand industry.

High thermal stability and compatible with a variety of paper materials
When binding digitally printed books and catalogs, the adhesive used is often exposed to different conditions than in traditional bookbinding. The print runs are considerably smaller so that the machines run for shorter times and can then remain idle for long periods. The adhesive used should be adapted to these special conditions.
Henkel’s specialty adhesives therefore have high thermal stability and a constant viscosity even after many or prolonged heating operations. They can also be used with different kinds of paper materials. The adhesives will also run on very small and slow binding machines such as those commonly used by print-on-demand suppliers.

Adhesives for all applications
Further strengths of the adhesives marketed under the Technomelt, Purmelt and Adhesin brands are the breadth of base technologies and their ease of use. Manufacturers of bookbinding machines, and small machines in particular, have tested these products over many years and recommend the use of Henkel adhesives.
Henkel offers specially designed adhesives for all applications. The range stretches from spine gluing and side gluing to case making, casing-in and special finishing for the book cover.

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