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HEIDELBERG presents new wallbox generation at the Light + Building trade fair

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (HEIDELBERG) is further expanding its portfolio in the growing market for charging technology under the AMPERFIED brand. At the "Light + Building" trade show, the subsidiary Amperfied GmbH is presenting a new generation of wall charging stations with a focus on connectivity and modularity as well as integration into home energy management systems for the use of self-generated electricity at its own booth. These new systems also lay the foundation for the expansion of the range in the field of charging management for multi-family homes or entire vehicle fleets.

In addition, HEIDELBERG is showing the first barrier-free charging station that meets the requirements at public locations such as supermarkets, rest areas or restaurants. The presentation of CO2-compensated wall charging stations as well as a new control unit for dynamic load management for optimal charging of multiple vehicles round off the extended range.

"With our growing product portfolio under the AMPERFIED brand, we want to further exploit the long-term opportunities in the electromobility market," says Dr. Ludwin Monz, CEO of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. "In particular, the new generation of networkable wallboxes is an important milestone for this still young business area of HEIDELBERG. We are thus creating the basis for new business models."

Light + Building Autumn Edition, the leading trade fair for lighting and building technology, will be held in Frankfurt am Main from October 2 to 6, 2022.

Market launch of the connect.home wallbox

The Amperfied wallbox connect.home heralds a new generation of wall charging stations. The wallbox with a maximum charging power of 11 kW offers users a reliable and innovative solution for charging at home and at work. The wallbox's timelessly elegant housing is injection-molded from robust plastic and meets HEIDELBERG's well-known high-quality standards. The connect.home wallbox was developed with an eye to the future and meets the new requirements for connectivity and modularity by: 

  • the integrated RFID authentication, which ensures that only authorized users can start the charging process;
  • the "myAmperfied" app, which can be used to control multiple wallboxes and view charging data;
  • the Modbus TCP communication protocol for connecting a home energy management system to charge with self-generated photovoltaic power and thus save costs;
  • a well-designed housing that simplifies installation; and
  • a modular design that enables further variants with additional functions.

"With the launch of the new connect.home wallbox as the first member of our new AMPERFIED product family, we will further open up the market for smart charging systems," explains Ulrich Grimm, technical managing director of Amperfied GmbH. "It covers current requirements, such as connectivity, and its modularity lays the foundation for further variants to address even more use cases."

The wall charging station is produced at the Wiesloch-Walldorf site. The connect.home wallbox will be available from Amperfied GmbH's sales partners from the beginning of October, optionally with a Type 2 charging cable in 5.0 m or 7.5 m lengths. The RRP for the wallbox with 5.0 m charging cable is 975 EUR incl. VAT, for the wallbox with 7.5 m charging cable 995 EUR incl. VAT.

Chargespot connect.public charging station

The new Amperfied charging station Chargespot connect.public, which is designed as a system for public places such as supermarkets, rest areas or restaurants, is entering a new market segment for HEIDELBERG. It is also the first barrier-free charging station for public spaces, whose low height enables as many people as possible to charge easily and conveniently. Authorization and billing at the charging point is done using an RFID charging card or smartphone app. The Chargespot connect.public offers two Type 2 connections with 22 kW (IEC 62196) and is TAB-compliant. Upon customer request, the branding of the charging stations can be customized. A 10-inch plain text display guides the end user conveniently and easily through the charging process. In addition, the charging station can be networked and is equipped with billing options that comply with calibration regulations. The Chargespot connect.public is expected to be available from the 1st quarter of 2023.

CO2-compensated wallbox variants available

HEIDELBERG will in future be offering variants of its successful wall-mounted charging stations in a CO2 -compensated "Climate" version. The housing is distinguished from the standard models by a graphic on the front panel. Amperfied GmbH offsets CO₂ emissions by supporting the CO₂OL Tropical Mix climate protection project, which is certified according to the renowned Gold Standard and aims to reforest a total of 13,242 hectares in Panama. The CO2 footprint of a wallbox is determined according to the "cradle-to-gate" principle, i.e., for the CO2 emissions generated during production at HEIDELBERG as well as suppliers. Both charging stations will be available from mid-October with a 5-meter charging cable. The RRP for the Home Eco climate wallbox is EUR 549 incl. VAT, for the Energy Control wallbox EUR 810.

Combox Lite now available with dynamic load management

To optimally charge several private cars at the same time, for example, HEIDELBERG is adding dynamic load management to the Combox Lite. As a control unit in a bundle with up to eight Heidelberg Energy Control wallboxes, it optimally controls and distributes the available charging power to all e-cars to be charged. If the building consumes less power, the Combox Lite automatically provides more power to the connected wallboxes - and vice versa. This ensures that the e-cars charge at the maximum possible speed. Combox Lite is the optimal solution for apartment buildings.

Amperfied GmbH in Hall 12.1, Booth B67

All mentioned products can be seen at the Light + Building Autumn Edition at the booth of Amperfied GmbH in (Hall 12.1, Booth B67). Press representatives and trade visitors can make an appointment in advance or a product demonstration for the press is scheduled at 11:30 a.m. on October 5 at the booth.