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Heidelberg further expands volume-based contract business with Prinect software

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is further expanding its data-based contract business with Prinect software. The company recently reached a milestone with Essen-based media service provider druckpartner, when it installed the 1000th Prinect Production Manager since the product’s market launch at drupa 2016. The Prinect Production Manager is a volume-based subscription offering that ensures customers pay only for their actual usage of Prinect and do not need to purchase individual licenses up front. The transparent monthly usage fee covers all functions as well as software updates and upgrades. This means customers always have access to the most recent version and the latest functions, including the hotline and remote support. It also gives them the opportunity to achieve end-to-end workflow automation with improved productivity. Approximately half of Prinect software sales at Heidelberg are now accounted for by contract business.

“As part of its digitization strategy and in line with its focus on core business, Heidelberg is consistently pursuing the expansion of data-based contract business across all areas of the company,” explains Heidelberg CEO Rainer Hundsdörfer. “Our customers benefit from a needs-based offering that means they only have to pay for what they actually require in order to run their company on a productive basis. In turn, Heidelberg benefits from recurring sales in its core business, which centers on printed sheets.”