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Gravure innovation and sustainability to take center stage at Bobst Italia’s event on 11 and 12 May 2017

“Extending the scope, new technology for gravure”, is the apt title for the technology forum and open house event that will take place at Bobst Italia, in San Giorgio Monferrato, Italy, on 11 – 12 May 2017. Hosted in the Competence Center of BOBST’s Center of Excellence for web-fed gravure, lamination and coating technologies, the event will be the first formal demonstration of BOBSTs new gravure printing platforms unveiled at drupa 2016.

”For the gravure industry, keeping pace with the new reality of global changes in consumer behaviours, and with the expectations of both brand owners and consumers, means constant evolution and innovation to address the market pressures faced by our customers,“ said Michele Vitiello, Managing Director of Bobst Italia and Head of the Product Line Gravure and Lamination.

“This is why our response and commitment is all-embracing. By providing leading-edge innovation, through a focus on equipment operational efficiency, BOBST fosters collaboration all along the supply chain. Our aim is to ensure that we can support gravure printers to take advantage of product diversification opportunities that can open up for them with the introduction of new, more eco-friendly, thinner substrates and consumables.”

These and other aspects of how BOBST succeeds in leading innovation in gravure technology will be at the forefront of the event programme.

“We continue to drive quality and performance into our gravure products, whilst extending our global offer,” explains Erik Bothorel, Head of the Business Unit Web-fed and member of the Group Executive Committee. “We strongly believe that gravure has its pride of place, both in mature and emerging markets, with plenty of scope to grow if the equipment provides the right fit for the market.

“The event at Bobst Italia will showcase where sustained R&D investments can lead, which is far beyond the conventional view of gravure being the process that excels in print quality and consistency. We have turned our printing presses into innovation platforms that combine the strengths of gravure with the impelling necessities of the industry. Our solutions respond to market challenges with gravure sustainability and have the flexibility to deliver what is best for each printer’s target markets.”