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Gold and Silver Awards for Sustainability Campaign from Master Builders Solutions®

“Quantified Sustainabile Benefits” – the sustainability campaign from Master Builders Solutions® convinced the juries of both the Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation (German Award for Online Communications) and the Best of Content Marketing Award (BCM), Europe’s biggest content marketing competition.

The campaign has won a Gold Award at Deutscher Preis für Onlinekommunikation 2018 in the category “Microsite” as well as three Silver Awards at Best of Content Marketing Award 2018 in the categories “B2B Campaign”, “B2B Crossmedia”, and “B2B Microsite”.

“We are very proud of this success. The focus of the campaign is on customer success stories from all over Europe showing how advanced chemistry from Master Builders Solutions can solve essential day-to-day challenges of our customers, leading to better performance, lower cost and footprint reductions,” said Philipp Kley, Senior Vice President Construction Chemicals Europe at BASF. The results are quantifiable and measured by certified tools like the Life-Cycle-Analyzer (LCA) for
concrete or the Eco-Efficiency Analysis.

One example is Marti Tunnelbau. The Swiss tunneling company relies on MasterEase from BASF for the construction of the Tunnel de Champel in Geneva, Switzerland. Thanks to this unique superplasticizer enhancing concrete rheology, the sprayed concrete remains easy to pump with its longer workability time. The robustness of MasterEase is compatible with a wide range of cement types and enabled Marti Tunnelbau and the Cement supplier Holcim Switzerland to switch to
a more economical cement, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by six percent as well as transportation costs.

The campaign has been running since March 2017 in many European countries – campaign and website have been developed and realized together with the agency Vier für Texas based in Frankfurt, Germany. Further examples of more efficient use of resources, an improved life cycle assessment, and significant cost reductions enabled by Master Builders Solutions products are available at the award-winning microsite: www.sustainability.master-builders-solutions.basf.com

About the Construction Chemicals division
Under the international Master Builders Solutions trade name, the Construction Chemicals division
at BASF offers advanced chemical solutions for the new construction, maintenance, repair, and
renovation of structures. Our comprehensive range includes concrete admixtures, cement additives,
chemical solutions for underground construction, sealing products, systems for the protection and
repair of concrete, high-performance mortar, industrial floors, tile laying systems, expansion joints,
and wood protection solutions.