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GIDUE won the 2015 FTA Technical Innovation Awards

GIDUE is proud to announce that its Digital Flexo Excellence™ Project is the winner of the 2015 FTA Technical Innovation Awards.
Founded in 1958, the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) is the world’s leading professional society dedicated to the advancement of the flexographic printing industry. The Technical Innovation Awards have been founded to celebrate innovations and excellence in Flexo industry and over the years it has become the most reputed global award, judged by important experts in Flexo Technology.

On the 3rd May, the FTA Awards gathered together some of the sector’s leading companies and individuals to honor those companies and individuals who have made significant contributions to the flexographic industry in terms of printing excellence, technical innovation, leadership and more. Held as part of FTA Forum and INFO*FLEX 2015, the formal presentation of the Technical Innovation Award took place at the Annual Awards Banquet in the Omni Nashville Broadway Ballroom.

GIDUE Digital Flexo Excellence™ Project, has been already awarded in 2014 in Chicago with the Label Industry Global Award for innovation. Digital Flexo Excellence™ is a system of technologies developed to make the workflow, set-up and run of a flexographic press “fully automated and “digital”. Digital Flexo Excellence™ presses are designed to deliver high productivity, costs reduction, flexibility and consistent quality, with “digital” efficiency, repeatability and ease of operation. Print and die-cutting cylinders are exchanged non-stop, on-the-fly, fully automatically without stopping the press. A digital camera and eight servo motors on each print unit substitute the eyes and the fingers of the operator with digital eyes and digital fingers, performing fully automated print pressure and register control. With faster changeover times, higher press up-time, and minimum waste, it projects flexography into a new era in the Label and Packaging industry, challenging Digital printing on quality, efficiency and profitability also in micro and short runs.

Federico d’Annunzio, GIDUE President, comments : << We are honored that the efforts of the whole GIDUE Team have been awarded with such a world-recognized prize. Since the birth of our company, GIDUE technologies have introduced revolutionary concepts and innovations, which today , after 15 years, have become some of the technology standards in our industry. This award is a further incentive for GIDUE to continue developing new technologies for the benefit of the Labels and Packaging industry.>>

Matteo Cardinotti, MD of GIDUE, quotes : << We are proud that judges have understood in depth what GIDUE Digital Flexo Excellence™ concept is. This award represents a great opportunity for GIDUE to strengthen and consolidate its role as innovative manufacturer company, also in the North American market. Thanks to the opening of new GIDUE division in USA, GIDUE North America, and the GIDUE Demo Center in Chicago, we think that it has arrived the right moment to show to the American Market the power of this new technology for Flexography. This system of technologies introduced by GIDUE has been developed to grant converters high profits and extreme flexibility and we believe that it will increase the manufacturing efficiency of many Labels and Packaging converters not just in USA but worldwide. >>

Cristina Toffolo, GIDUE VP Marketing, adds: << Winning an FTA award is a prestigious honor. We have all put tremendous energy into making Automation and Digital Flexo a top priority in our innovations program and this award is a credit to everyone in our high quality workforce and their exceptional contribution to our excellent record. We take great pride in exceeding our customers’ expectations and delivering award-winning technology on their behalf. >>

Maurizio Trecate , GIDUE VP Sales, concludes : << We want to deeply thank all our customers, suppliers and distributors spread all over the world; it is also thank to their continuous trust and confidence in our technologies if we have reached this important goal. Their tight partnership and constant commitment represent a strong push to keep on developing our innovative technologies. >>