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GEW to showcase major UV technology advances at Gallus Innovation Days 2018

GEW will provide a glimpse at the future of UV curing technology during the Gallus Innovations Days taking place 26 to 28 June 2018 at the Gallus Print Media Center Label in St Gallen, Switzerland.

Over recent years GEW have heavily invested in dedicated resources to accelerate the development of advanced UV curing technologies that will benefit businesses in the printing and converting industries.

“Our new line-up offers label printers and label converters an assurance of efficiency and competitiveness that comes with the finest UV curing technology on the market,” explains Marcus Greenbrook, Director International Sales at GEW, “and all GEW power supplies are now ArcLED capable as standard.”

Most recently GEW upgraded their mUVm advanced multipoint UV monitor. The mUVm is a set of one or up to five individually calibrated UV sensors which give continuous monitoring of the output from the UV lamp and reflector system. It is available on all new RHINO powered systems and is retrofittable on existing RHINO systems. The mUVm is fully compatible with Gallus’ RCS, EMS and Labelmaster presses.

At the Innovation Days GEW unveil their new E4C high efficiency UV curing solution for low migration inks and high-speed set-ups, running up to 200W/cm. The water-cooled E4C is capable of increasing the UV output to the highest level without the need of cooling air at stand-by or low power. The E4C is retrofittable, slotting directly into the industry-standard E2C outercasing on all E2C RHINO installations and is available new on RCS, EMS and Labelmaster machines.

LED capable UV curing is available on all machines. GEW’s high output, advanced solution is available with all new machines running either RLT or RHINO power supply.

GEW UV systems are powered by the proven RHINO advanced electronic power supplies and are available for all applications in 8.4kW, 9.0kW, 16kW and 18kW power levels.

The compact RHINO rack houses up to six individual power supplies and provides cooling, atmospheric protection and mains power distribution. Cabinets are stackable 2-high enabling up to twelve power supplies to fit in the same floorspace.