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Geostick Group invests in new HP Indigo 6K Digital Press fleet

Geostick Group, one of the largest label printers in Europe, is investing in a new fleet of four HP Indigo 6K Digital Presses, as it moves to upscale its digital printing operations to drive higher volumes of labels, shrink sleeves and flexible packaging products.

The new HP Indigo 6K presses, the first units of the new press to be installed worldwide, will serve as the heartbeat of the new Geostick Digital Printing Center dedicated to digital printing opening in August in Uithoorn, Netherlands.

Engineered for higher productivity and faster color, the HP Indigo 6K Digital Press is the new model of the high-versatility HP Indigo 6000 series, now released to market following the drupa portfolio launch this year. The press introduces Spot Master, HP Indigo’s next-generation color automation technology, delivering the industry’s fastest time to brand colors with superior color quality and uniformity.

“As a long experienced user from the HP Indigo presses, we wanted to take the next step, investing in the new HP Indigo 6K for our new Digital Printing Center. The Spot Master feature will help save time and is more sustainable due to media material savings, therefore generating higher overall productivity,” said Cees Schouten, Geostick Group Operations Director.

Spot Master using a new patented algorithm for fast and accurate color matching, enabling converters to reach brand colors within minutes with high color consistency and uniformity across the entire print frame, ensuring every package looks the same no matter when or where it was printed.

Geostick replaced an existing fleet of WS6800 presses with the new HP Indigo 6K, and will maintain its total multi-site operation of 10 HP Indigo digital presses, including two HP Indigo 20000 presses. The converter takes advantage of HP PrintOS to monitor status of all presses and streamline its operations. “We create operator awareness by giving them access to results, and they want to perform the best,” said Schouten.

With the installation of the new HP Indigo 6K fleet, Geostick will be fully migrating its workflow to the HP Indigo Production Pro for Labels and Packaging Print Server delivering five times more RIP power than previous generations.

Additionally, the HP Indigo 6K Digital Press can deliver more applications using higher opacity white for shrink sleeves, new inks including metallics, fluorescents, invisible red and green for brand protection applications and new varnishes from leading partners for higher durability. Geostick is already having success with HP Indigo ElectroInk Premium White and HP Indigo ElectroInk Silver.

Founded in 1924, the Geostick Group is a family label printer that is making a rapid transformation to digital printing due to market drivers.