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Geostick Group, European leader in self-adhesive labelling, acquires new Nilpeter FA

Geostick Group, one of the biggest label printers in Europe, and the leader in the field of self-adhesive labels, has acquired a new Nilpeter FA to future-proof production and add capabilities in flexible packaging, special tags, and self-adhesive labels. Geostick has a long-standing relationship with Nilpeter, and the new FA complements their existing line-up totalling five Nilpeter FA-4 presses at locations in Utihoorn and The Hague, Holland.

The Challenge
Geostick faced challenges of needing to replace old equipment, expand capacity, and increase quality and register accuracy in the production of self-adhesive labels and complex tags in back and front printing.

“To solve these challenges we simply had to upgrade technology, shorten setup times, decrease waste, and ease operations for our printers. We have done all this with the new FA,” says Cees Schouten, Operations Director at Geostick Group. “In our Geostick Labels & Tags division we also produce labels for Healthcare, where perfect print quality and very accurate registering is a must, which the FA also enables,” Cees Schouten adds.

The Solution
Geostick did their due diligence and considered other press manufacturers for the job, but in the end, Nilpeter offered the best solution at the right cost.

“We have a long history with Nilpeter, and currently have four FA-4 presses in Uithoorn, and one at our plant in The Hague. We are very satisfied with the quality, service, and efficiency of that press, so it was natural to go with the new FA for this project. We considered other press manufacturers, but Nilpeter gives us the perfect solution at the right price, and with this investment we can secure our customers the best quality at competitive pricing,” says Cees Schouten.

The Result
With the new FA, Geostick will upgrade and improve their production of self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging.

“First off, the new FA gives us more standardization in the Geostick Group as a whole, allowing us to become more flexible. We will also have the possibility to serve our Tag clients with more opportunities in multiple colours. We are sure that with this new FA, Geostick Group is ready for the future and has taken a big step for further growth,” Cees Schouten concludes.

With this investment we now have the same printing technology in all 3 of our production plants. The production plant in Heumen, where Jan Pieter Brandwijk is the Plant Director, now has the newest technology, aswel.

About Geostick
Geostick is a family company, established in 1924 by Mr. P.J. Berveling, grandfather of the current owner. Geostick is one of the biggest label printers in Europe and a market leader in the field of self-adhesive labels. Besides conventional printing, Geostick also leads the market in digital printing, and supplies label printers, offers maintenance, labelling software, transfer foil, warning labels, healthcare labels, flexible packaging, tags, tickets, barcode stickers, and warehouse labels. Geostick is innovative and leads the market in printing technologies, such as printing with silver ink, mosaic, and the printing of compostable materials.