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Gallus is with Screeny screen printing plates “strategic supplier” to Schreiner Group

Gallus has extended its long-standing partnership with Oberschleissheim-based Schreiner Group for Gallus Screeny screen printing plates. The programme for optimising usage and boosting efficiency in rotary screen printing has been agreed for the next two years and is then to be continued as part of ongoing process improvement.

Schreiner Group produces innovative high-tech labels for a wide variety of sectors. Along with numerous other printing processes, production of high-quality screen-printed labels is also part of Schreiner Group’s day-to-day business. For many years, Schreiner Group has used Gallus Screeny screen fabric to manufacture screens and Schreiner Group and Gallus have now expanded their partnership in this area.

Increasing globalisation, rising cost pressures and greater quality demands require medium-sized companies not only to work together with the right suppliers but also to define the key elements of collaboration at an early stage. As part of its “preferred supplier” concept, Schreiner Group has now awarded Gallus “strategic supplier” status in the “screen printing formes” material group. Strategic suppliers are generally included in every tendering process for the particular material group. In some cases, they are also included in the production development process. The partnership aims to continue optimising the cost structure in the supply chain through close collaboration, early involvement and know-how application. It will focus on ensuring processes are efficient, stable and sustainable and thus deliver maximum screen printing quality.

The Gallus printing specialists from St. Gallen/Switzerland are working closely with the relevant Schreiner Group production team to achieve these aims. The two companies place particular emphasis on using state-of-the-art technologies, prepress automation, workflow optimisation, filmless Gallus Screeny imaging, selection of the optimum Gallus Screeny model and increased throughput on the press. Rotary screen printing is particularly resource-friendly thanks to the continuous nature of the process. The core element – the Gallus Screeny screen printing plate – has been produced on a new generation of electroplating production equipment since 2007. Based on many years of experience, a particularly eco-friendly concept is used that makes optimum use of water, air and power and generates only minimal waste. Other key factors are the new buildings and infrastructure that have been specially designed for electroplating processes and precision coating. They meet the toughest standards of modern environmental protection and show a commitment that is firmly centred on today’s needs. The complete production chain for premium Gallus Screeny screen printing plates is certified to ISO 14001 (environmental management system) and ISO 9001 (quality management system).