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Gallus names new supplier in India

Numex Blocks has recently started supplying narrow web print shops throughout India with Gallus Screeny plates for rotary screen printing. Numex supplies Gallus Screeny to India’s label printers as unexposed and/or exposed sheetfed stock, or in the form of ready-to-use printing cylinders. Its customers use the screen printing cylinders in presses made by Gallus and other manufacturers. They receive their screen printing plates from Numex in just a few days or, in urgent cases, just a few hours. Numex says it is also actively involved in helping customers select the right screen printing plates so as to ensure they achieve the desired results straight off. "To ensure an excellent service combined with effective and efficient advice, it was extremely important to Numex from the outset to offer a wide range of screen printing plates that could cover all its customers’ requirements," the company says. "That’s why the company decided on Gallus Screeny, which offers by far the largest selection of rotary screen printing plates in the label printing industry. Reliability in production was also an absolute must for Numex – because it is essential for a screen printing plate to work effectively. The company’s other criteria for a good screen printing plate included optimum ink flow, stability, torsional strength, and the consistently high quality of the screen fabric and the plate’s photopolymer layer. Label printers who recognize quality when they see it know that the only way to produce high quality labels is by using premium tools and consumables." 

Source: http://www.labelandnarrowweb.com/contents/view_breaking-news/2013-12-03/gallus-names-new-supplier-in-india/#sthash.9IDzGIN0.dpuf