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Gallus - Focus on boosting customers' productivity – innovations at Labelexpo Europe 2011

In view of the increasingly fierce competition within the label printing industry, many label printers are  under constant pressure to improve their production strategies and boost their productivity. Efficient  processes, effective cost control, minimal waste, consistently high quality and excellent reliability are  now more than ever the cornerstones of business success for today's label printers – often along with
impressive innovative strength. At Labelexpo Europe 2011 in Brussels, Gallus will be showcasing a  record number of innovations.

Gallus ECS 340 – save money without compromising on quality
The highly successful market launch of the Gallus ECS 340 will enter its next stage at Labelexpo Europe 2011. In 2009, state-of-the-art technologies and construction materials new to the label  industry, such as technical granite, led to the creation of a highly productive and innovative machine  concept with a spellbinding design. The new era of cost-efficient commodity label manufacture that  was heralded at the time has now become an integral part of everyday operations for many Gallus  ECS 340 users.  Numerous innovative further developments will be on show at Labelexpo Europe 2011 – impressive  proof of the close, cooperative relationship Gallus enjoys with its customers. This also results in a  wider range of applications for the Gallus ECS 340, with key additional options such as automatic register control, hot-air drying, sheet delivery and other items.

Gallus addresses the trend towards digitisation
Gallus will also be using Labelexpo to highlight various aspects of digitisation in label manufacture. At  the Gallus stand, Heidelberg will be exhibiting Linoprint's DriveLine B reel-fed press. Primarily used in  pharmaceutical applications to date, it enables complete personalisation of customer data on  packaging.
Another key aspect in boosting productivity is the highly promising digital workflow solution. This  workflow connects the label press directly to the production planning and further processing stages. In addition, the system provides a clear overview of the current production status. This allows virtually  the entire job to be processed digitally, which saves time and reduces workloads.

Ready for booklets – the Gallus EM 280
Thanks to its modularity and wide range of applications, the Gallus EM 280 offers the ideal conditions  for the production of multiweb labels. Together with its industry partner Longford, Gallus will be  exhibiting an innovative multiweb solution at Labelexpo in the shape of the Longford booklet insetter.  The inline solutions for the production of booklets offered by the Gallus EM 280 machine system  completely satisfy the relevant customer needs and requirements. Costs per label are also lower than  with an offline solution, while the quality that can be achieved is significantly higher.

Gallus Cold Die Unit with Avery Dennison ThinStream™ Technology
Together with its industry partner Avery Dennison, Gallus will be presenting a radical innovation in die cutting that has the potential to  evolutionise conventional processing. The market launch of Avery  Dennison's ThinStream™ Technology will coincide with Labelexpo. ThinStream combines an ultrathin  PET substrate with patented die-cutting technology that reduces substrate waste by at least 40
percent and requires no kiss-cutting whatsoever. With a material thickness of just 12 micrometres /  0.48 mils, the new substrate can produce at least 17 percent more labels per reel. The modular diecutting  unit with the substrate can be operated as a standalone unit or integrated into an existing  machine without changing the layout. This new Gallus die-cutting unit with its revolutionary die-cutting
technology will be on show at the Avery Dennison stand.

Gallus will also be exhibiting a converting unit for processing digitally printed labels that will set new  standards in terms of productivity.

Gallus EM 430 S – new high-tech features 
The new Gallus EM 430 S with its high-tech short-web concept will be unveiled to the public at the  event. With its shorter web path in the press and faster response times for register adjustment, this  latest Gallus short-web solution significantly reduces waste, which also leads to a substantial  improvement in productivity. A newly integrated UV drying system sets new standards in terms of  energy efficiency and plays a key role in stabilising the entire printing process – another factor in  increasing productivity.  This is supported by the Gallus Group's new generation of control systems. Already in use in the  Gallus ECS 340, it offers Gallus customers comprehensive web-based support via the Gallus hotline  and thus increases the press's overall availability.

Cutting costs through process efficiency – the Gallus RCS 330/430
Investing in the latest presses can significantly boost efficiency and thus lower production costs. The Gallus RCS 330/430 combines a limitless range of applications with a high level of automation to deliver maximum productivity. The ability to combine printing and finishing processes almost at will makes the Gallus RCS 330/430 a real all-rounder at the highest possible level. With the Gallus  RCS 330 on show at Labelexpo, Gallus will be demonstrating the possible cost savings that can be  achieved through improved process efficiency. The Gallus RCS serves as a benchmark in the label  printing industry, combining unrivalled productivity with maximum flexibility and quality.

Gallus Screeny Process Efficiency Package
In addition to the three screen printing plate lines Gallus Screeny Standard, Gallus Screeny S-Line  and the new Gallus Screeny Digital, Gallus will also be exhibiting the Gallus Screeny Process  Efficiency Package (Gallus Screeny PEP). The Gallus Screeny PEP helps label printers reduce the  total cost of ownership and offers integrated concepts and workable solutions for all stages of the  value added chain in rotary screen printing – from job acquisition, prepress and press to repeat jobs.

Photo captions:
Gallus_pic_1: The Gallus ECS
Gallus_pic_2: The sleeve system on the Gallus ECS 340 ensures fast job changes
Gallus_pic_3: Technical granite for stability and quiet operation
Gallus_pic_4: The Gallus RCS

The Gallus Group
The Gallus Group is a world market leader in the development, production and marketing of narrowweb  reel-fed presses for label printers. The Group's folding carton business develops and markets  narrow and wide-web reel-fed presses and die-cutters for the cost-effective inline production of folding  cartons and cardboard products. Besides its portfolio of presses, the Group also provides  consumables and a global, decentralised service and spare parts network. Gallus and Heidelberger  Druckmaschinen AG, the global market leader in solutions for the print and media industry, have been working in partnership since 1999. The Gallus Group has a workforce of 565. This includes 260
employees in Switzerland, where the Group has its headquarters in St. Gallen.

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