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The Future of Narrow Web comes to life at the Flint Group stand at Labelexpo Europe 2013 - Hall 5, Stand B45

The experts of Flint Group are ready to take all visitors into the bright future of narrow web label and packaging printing. Visit Flint Group in Hall 5, Stand B45 at Labelexpo Europe, where the future is happening now!

“We are preparing an exciting and ‘sparkling’ show to educate, inspire and enable converters to push the boundaries of narrow web printing,” says Niklas Olsson, Global Brand Manager, Flint Group Narrow Web. “At Labelexpo Europe, we are proud to launch another milestone development - the complete ink range for LED curing, EkoCure™. The LED ink developments we’ve been driving for the past two years highlight the benefits of close partnerships between ink, lamp and press manufacturers enabling us to bring this exciting new development to life. At the show we will guide converters into the future of LED by showing the advantages it brings Flint Group will provide an in-depth analysis of all the benefits from this revolutionary technology, including examples of applications and end-user studies. Visitors will learn about the real added value that makes UV LED the technology for the future of narrow web.

Lithocure ANCORA™ is the newest product offering in the Narrow Web low migration portfolio. Combining outstanding press performance and excellent lithographic properties – this new range of UV Offset inks also meets stringent migration performance criteria for all types of food applications. Together with Flexocure® ANCORA™, Flint Group has spent significant research on understanding the impact of different food simulants and will provide full insight into migration studies completed with their low migration products; providing examples of what value true low migration products, such as the ANCORA™ range, bring to converters.

Says Mr. Par Olsson, Product Manager Narrow Web Europe, “Ink may be seen as a replaceable commodity by some, but it is very important to be fully aware of the limitations involved, and of the specific demands by the end users - especially when printing food packaging.”
Over 25 new solutions for differentiation, sustainability and improved profitability!

“We know that to be considered the market leader, we must continuously innovate” says Global Product Director Jennifer Joyce. “We honour our history of innovations in our promise to never stand still. We know that the narrow web market is continuously looking for differentiation sustainability and improved profitability which is why we are enthusiastically announcing well over 25 new innovative products at Labelexpo 2013.”

Many new low migration products have been added to the ANCORA™ product range, including:
- A full range of UV flexo metallic inks; 
- FoilBond TC™, UV flexo cold foiling adhesive; 
- UV flexo laminating adhesive; 
- UV flexo Low COF Shrink White 
- Press stable Matt UV Flexo varnish.

Other developments include… 
- Six new benzophenone-free varnishes
- A new water-based process set with best-ever print ability 
- A new UV flexo mono pigment range for both standard and low migration print needs

Experts are available - In Living Colour!
Niklas Olsson proudly states, “We provide the most comprehensive product range to support the latest narrow web industry and market trends. However, Flint Group is more than this! Flint Group is PEOPLE – a global network of industry experts who are always on hand to answer your questions in real life. Wherever you are, we are, in living colour, ready and eager to work with you today, and into the future, to support your growth.”

Events and seminars at Labelexpo 2013
In our Speakers’ Corner, Flint Group experts will discuss new ink innovations, industry trends, and food packaging topics. Attendees will have an opportunity to Ask The Experts about these topics, and more, in a relaxed networking atmosphere.
And, of course, Flint Group hosts the original Labelexpo “Happy Hour” when visitors are encouraged to join colleagues for inspiring conversation and networking with industry peers.
Labelexpo is a grand event – and Flint Group is ready to exhibit the BRIGHT and exciting future of narrow web!

For more information, please contact Niklas Olsson in Europe at niklas.olsson@flintgrp.com , or Deanna Whelan in the United States at deanna.whelan@flintgrp.com.  

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