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With FUTURA a turning point in finishing platform technology

Set for launch at Gulf Print & Pack 2017, the exclusive FUTURA open-platform technology by PRATI sees its first application on the Saturn OMNIA. Designed to revolutionise the approach to performance upgrades, the FUTURA technology platform will become the new standard-setting concept for new generation finishing equipment manufactured in Faenza.

Immediate upgrades for superior versatility

In the face of such a dynamic market scenario, where trends seem to accelerate and change on an increasingly frequent basis, the only way to safeguard your investment is by acquiring today’s most versatile finishing platforms with FUTURA technology.

Compared to today’s standards, this unique open-platform technology enables an unlimited number of instant upgrades. The goal of the technology is that of allowing converters to adapt immediately to a fast-moving market. With FUTURA, on-site upgrades are available. Downtime is kept to a minimum and a 24-hour stoppage is enough to upgrade what once required 6 days to accomplish. Such flexibility, which is the heart of our new open-platform concept, is like a life assurance policy. Your initial investment is always right because you’re acquiring one machine today which becomes 2, 3 or even 4-machines-in-1, tomorrow.

Saturn OMNIA with FUTURA technology

As is evident on the Saturn OMNIA with FUTURA technology that was showcased at the Dubai exhibition, the underlying platform makes it remarkably easy and fast to integrate additional modules, upgrading the machine’s performance and adapting to new requirements. Already a highly flexible solution, Saturn OMNIA is the sole market solution that handles SA labels, flexible packaging, A4 sheets, wet glue labels and IML – one of the fastest-growing label type in today’s market.

Saturn OMNIA is so versatile, you will envisage moving into new business areas with NO increase in your investment. A unique investment for a multitude of purposes.


For more information about our latest technology contact us! We are implementing FUTURA technology on part of our range of finishing solutions in order to maximise the flexibility of our equipment and support our customers in increasing their business opportunities in the easiest and most competitive way. Don’t wait for the future. FUTURA is NOW.