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Fujifilm’s Flenex plates are just the ticket

Ticketmedia, a Brighton-based business specialising in the printing of advertisements on the back of bus tickets and shopping receipts, has invested in Fujifilm’s Flenex FW printing plates as it looks to expand into event ticketing and beyond. The water-washable plates will improve Ticketmedia‘s print production capabilities and quality, while reducing processor cleaning time and maintaining the low environmental impact of its operation.

In looking at the opportunity to print larger advertisements on event tickets, Ticketmedia decided it needed a more capable and efficient printing solution. The print quality of the company’s previous plates was not up to the standard required for printing these larger adverts and, because its existing water-wash plate processing system was taking too long to clean, production times were not at an optimum level.

“We were first introduced to Fujifilm’s Flenex FW plates at Labelexpo in Chicago last year,” explains Ticketmedia’s Managing Director, Jeremy Burbidge. “We had a water-wash system in place already and we were actually looking to find a digital press at the event. Then we came across the Fujifilm stand and noticed the Flenex plates. After a chat with some of the staff on the stand, we realised that these plates could increase the print quality we could offer to our customers and allow us to expand our print services, while maintaining the environmental credentials of the company. We felt it was a perfect match for what we were looking to achieve as a business.”

Burbidge continues: “There were a number of factors in our decision to go for Flenex. The flat-top-dot was a significant one, as not only are we aiming to improve the print quality on offer to our current customers, but we are also looking to branch into other sectors such as events tickets and labels. These applications generally have a bigger surface area available to work with which, while offering greater creative license for ads, also means that sharper text and imagery are required.”

Burbidge points out that customers have already noticed an improvement in quality: “Since the installation in May, between 25 and 30 per cent of our customers have already noted a positive difference in the print quality, so we’re delighted to see that the flat-top-dot is delivering the high standard expected.”

“Not only are the Flenex plates and processor perfect for what we are trying to achieve, but the engineers and sales teams at Fujifilm were very informative and helpful,” concludes Burbidge. “They made the purchase and installation process straightforward and we were up and running very quickly once the machine was installed.”

Allowing for strong ink transfer and faster exposure, Fujifilm’s Flenex FW plates have a flat-top-dot structure that produces high quality print (up to 200lpi) and lower dot gain for a wide range of flexo applications. Its easy cleaning credentials, shorter processing time, longer run length and reduced swell result in lower overall running costs, making it a financially effective and environmentally friendly print solution.

Ticketmedia’s Head of Creative Services, Richard Higgs, explains how run time and environmental factors were also key to Ticketmedia’s decision to switch: “It was proving tough to stay on top of our previous plate processor in terms of cleaning. This reduced the production time and also cost us more in terms of up-keep. The Flenex plate processor is easier to clean and maintain – it requires a simple and short method that fits in with our message of being an environmentally friendly brand.”

“Flexo printers, like the rest of the print industry, are dealing with rapidly changing customer demands coupled with a rising concern for the environment,” says James Whitehead, Product Solutions Manager at Fujifilm Graphic Systems UK. “These twin challenges mean they need to diversify and look for alternative print methods. Ticketmedia’s investment in Fujifilm’s Flenex solution demonstrates its commitment to producing high quality products in an eco-friendly, cost-efficient way. We look forward to supporting them in their future endeavours as they expand their product offering and move into new markets.”

Photo captions: "Richard Higgs and Jeremy Burbidge of Ticketmedia"