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Fujifilm launches new Superia solutions for newspaper printers

Fujifilm today announces that in hall 21.A, Stand E.01, at the WAN-IFRA World Publishing Expo (10-12 October, Berlin) it will launch three new products in its Superia range especially designed for newspaper printers.

  • The Superia Newspaper Elara 5 Workflow Solution
  • The Superia Newspaper Luxel News VMAX Pallet Loader System
  • The Superia Newspaper Automatic Cleaning System (ACS)

Together these new, highly advanced solutions in Fujifilm’s Superia Newspaper range bring plate-making to a new level of efficiency, outperforming all competitive solutions.

Superia Newspaper Elara 5 Workflow

The newly launched version five of Fujifilm’s Elara Newspaper workflow solution offers the most secure, flexible and cost-effective solution on the market. By far the fastest newspaper workflow available today and highly adaptable to individual business requirements, it also includes full 64 bit support and integrated ink-save, PDF-Normalising and RGB-PDF support.

Elara’s powerful RIP can process up to 1500 PDF pages per hour, all the while guaranteeing efficiency, reliability and flexibility. Elara 5 represents a complete system, from PDF to plate, combining all the tools needed to precisely manage newspaper production pre-press in one intuitive, easy-to-use solution.

Superia Newspaper Luxel News VMAX Pallet Loader

With a new pallet loader option, customers can now gain even more benefit from the flexible design of the Luxel News VMAX CTP-solution.

The new pallet loading system was incorporated into the design without adding any new components, so customers can be confident that all the existing advantages of this proven and reliable technology remain. Among others, the advantages setting this system apart from the competition include: high levels of flexibility, a small footprint, ability to run in full daylight and the fastest possible loading and unloading of plates and pallets of any comparable system on the market.

Superia Newspaper ACS

One of the major challenges facing all newspaper printers today is the time it takes to manually clean and maintain plate processing units. Feedback from Fujifilm’s newspaper customers indicated that the labour-intensive cleaning process was not only expensive, it was also gruelling and de-motivating for pre-press staff.

As a direct response, Superia ACS is a new development for the proven HDX NewsSpeed finishing unit. It automates up to 75% of the manual work involved in the cleaning of a processor. With Superia ACS, the cleaning cycle can run unattended with only limited interventions required at the beginning and end of the cycle. A lot of this automatic cleaning work can be done outside of normal working hours, reducing down time and freeing up pre-press staff for more productive and rewarding work.

Says Bernd Brombach, Head of Sales, Fujifilm Graphics Systems Europe: “In a challenging market, newspaper printers are under pressure to streamline processes and keep costs to a minimum. As a major supplier to this important industry, Fujifilm is constantly listening to its customers and striving to find new solutions to boost productivity and profitability while reducing environmental impact. These three new additions to the Superia Newspaper range build still further on Fujifilm’s reputation for providing solutions to meet real industry needs.”

About Fujifilm Superia

Years of Fujifilm investment into processless and low-chemistry plate-making solutions, complemented by a strong commitment to the environment, has earned Fujifilm a reputation for efficiency and quality. Its Superia range of products for offset printers comprises plates, CTP devices, workflow software and press room chemistry. In combination these solutions enable printers to make substantial savings in five key areas: material, labour, energy, environment and water.