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Fujifilm announces addition of tilia Griffin software to XMF workflow suite

Fujifilm today announces that the tilia Griffin wide format automatic layout solution from Tilia Labs has been added to its suite of XMF workflow products. tilia Griffin automates the process of laying out jobs on a single sheet in order to maximise the printed area and minimise the substrate waste after cutting, a process that many wide format printers still use Adobe Illustrator or similar programmes for. tilia Griffin rapidly works out the optimal use of space, saving both the time taken to do this process manually and the material that is inevitably wasted through a time consuming manual process.

Sagen de Jonge, CEO of Tilia Labs explains: “tilia Griffin’s workflow and design is so simple and intuitive even the most novice user can be up and running in no time. It features a modern, ultra-responsive interface, beautiful visuals, and an intuitive design and it’s designed to work well with virtually all printers and cutting tables. Any print shop creating layouts manually and struggling to meet deadlines or failing to maximise substrate usage will enjoy immediate benefits.”

The system offers true shape nesting with any rotation. Using the powerful and fast tilia Phoenix nesting engine, tilia Griffin creates true-shape, tightly nested layouts, helping to minimise substrate waste and associated costs, and increase throughput. The most cost-effective way to produce jobs is revealed in minutes when it previously could have taken hours.

The ultra-responsive and attractive user interface is the result of tilia Griffin being built on Tilia Labs’ new Aries UI platform. The result is a stunning user experience that is a pleasure to look at as well as being easy to use.

Fast and responsive and featuring barcode tracking, camera registration, grommets and more, tilia Griffin is the all-round perfect solution for wide format printers looking to quickly step up their production capabilities.

John Davies, Product Group Manager, Workflow, Fujifilm Europe concludes: “This announcement underlines Fujifilm’s commitment to introducing leading solutions in the wide format sector and offers our many wide format customers a way to boost their efficiency and profitability still further.

“Available either for purchase or on a rolling subscription, tilia Griffin has been demonstrated to a range of our wide format print partners, all of whom have commented on its remarkable ease of use as well as its efficiency and accuracy.

“In partnership with Tilia Labs, we’re delighted to be able to offer a tool to enhance our strong wide format proposition still further and we encourage all wide format printers to investigate the savings this system could deliver.”