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From 3D to AI-powered bots, latest Esko release helps businesses accelerate growth while “building for a sustainable future”

Esko has today (28 March) unveiled a host of advanced new features and cutting-edge solutions that enable businesses to connect systems and workflows, automate processes, and accelerate innovation to help navigate the challenges they face in today’s market.

From 3D to AI-powered bots, Esko has developed its software version 23.03 to enable customers to unlock even more tangible value by improving ways of working, eradicating waste and optimizing operational processes to overcome the challenges and bottlenecks associated with today’s megatrends.

“With our latest software release, we are demonstrating how innovation can make it easier to connect and to automate, enabling businesses to accelerate the go-to-market process of packaged goods from ideation through to the store shelf,” said Jan De Roeck, Esko Director of Marketing, Industry Relations and Strategy. “Ultimately, by helping businesses achieve their core goals we are building for a sustainable future.”

Jan said the new Esko Release 23.03 is available for all customers from Tuesday 28 March onwards. An in-depth showcase of the features at a live webinar is planned on Thursday 30 March. “We have some truly exciting, brand new innovations that we are bringing to market,” he said. “We are excited to demonstrate how with our latest software solutions, we are addressing the key concerns and opportunities that 2023 brings. For example, we will show how with AI technology of Phoenix we can enable customers to revolutionize their planning and imposition process. Building on that innovation journey, we will demonstrate how we can further connect and automate the workflow with a seamless interface between prepress data and production data, through brand new integrations with Automation Engine, ArtPro+ and ArtiosCAD.

“What’s more, we are delighted to bring to customers an exclusive opportunity to accelerate and simplify the process for approving artwork,” said Jan. “Our customers tell us that approving artwork files is a complex, timely process which involves multiple stakeholders - often using different applications to view and review packaging and label artwork files, which can lead to quality issues and delays. So, for 23.03 we have revolutionized that process with a solution that enables users to seamlessly connect prepress tools to an interactive sharing platform! This enables all stakeholders to easily upload, share, annotate and approve packaging and label artwork, all in hyper-realistic 3D. As part of 23.03 customers will be able to gain early pre-release access to a new seamless integration, connecting ArtPro+ 23.03 and DeskPack 23.03 to Esko Share & Approve.

For pre-release early adopters, access to this new integration will be available free of charge for all users that connect to the platform.

“Furthermore, this release brings new technology that responds to the requirement in the supply chain to create ever more visual experiences,” he said. “We have developed new 3D viewing capability available in Esko Studio, and new 3D viewing tools in Automation Engine as well as a whole host of updates and enhancements to the market-leading suite of integrated software solutions.”

Esko Release 23.03 includes a host of new features:

  • Phoenix – AI-based tool (developed in collaboration with Tilia Labs) that unlocks planning and imposition productivity improvements, with a seamless interface between prepress data and production data in Esko applications
  • Share & Approve – complimentary access available to all Esko users, and a slick new gateway to seamlessly connect from within ArtPro+ and DeskPack for easy, quick file sharing and centralizing annotations, offered in pre-release
  • ArtPro+ enhancements – ArtPro+ users can now open sheet layout from Phoenix directly in ArtPro+ and make amendments like improving masking of blanks and add dynamic marks. The transformation of classic ArtPro gradients into PDF+ effects drastically increases editability of classic ArtPro files
  • Upgraded viewing tools in Automation Engine – enables 3D viewing and delivers additional support for CAD files
  • New and enhanced 3D capabilities in Studio - jump start packaging design process with the 3D viewing tool and new export of store visualizer
  • Further usability improvements for WebCenter - together with improved support for the regulatory submission of pharma packaging by implementing the HL7 (Health Level 7 submission format) messaging standard used in the global healthcare industry

“Error and waste reduction has a direct impact on the environmental footprint of a packaging business,” said Jan. “As we are all looking to protect the environment in which we live and to safeguard it for future generations, we must reduce the impact of our operations on the environment. With sustainability and digitalization fundamentally altering how the industry operates, it is imperative that today’s packaging companies invest in technology that enables them to boost efficiency, reduce costs and improve their overall productivity. Reducing errors that generate waste throughout the entire production process is the way to do this, one step at a time,” he said.

The new Esko Release 23.03 will be the focus of a live webinar on 30th March, 2023. To register for the free event, just click here.

For more information about the new features in Esko Release 23.03 and the full range of Esko software solutions, visit www.esko.com.