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Flint Group Print Media Division Extends Low Migration Sheetfed Offset Ink Production Facility in Milan, Italy

The increasing use of low migration inks and coatings for the printing of folding carton food packaging, is the result of a growing trend by packaging converters to stay ahead of national and European wide legislation, Good Manufacturing Practise Guidelines and consumer demand.

To meet this increase in demand Flint Group has completed a major investment to extend its production facility for low migration and low odour inks and base mixing systems in Baranzate, near Milan, Italy. Several new grinding mills, mixers and press out units have been installed alongside existing plant and machinery to provide significantly more capacity to the already large scale production site.

Global VP, Product Management, Sheetfed Inks and Pressroom Chemicals, Nick Brannan explains why: “Through 2010 we have seen our volumes of low migration ink sales grow dramatically as the European converters react to best practise guidelines from industry bodies like EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) and national government initiatives. Our Novasens range of inks and coatings delivers outstanding on-press performance, and favourable reactions from existing customers as well as many new ones have helped increase our profile in this important segment.”

The investment is another sign of Flint Group’s strong commitment to the packaging sector. As a signatory of the EuPIA Compliance Commitment statement, related to the manufacture and supply of food packaging inks in accordance with EU regulations, and as a faithful compliant of The Swiss Ordinance on Materials and Articles in Contact with Food (S.R. 817.023.21) regarding permitted Substances for Packaging Inks, Flint Group takes its responsibilities in this sensitive area very seriously. The dedicated production facility in Baranzate eliminates the possibility of cross contamination from non low migration products, thus ensuring, as far as is possible, the safety of the products in printed food packaging.

Juergen Riedlinger, Director, Product Management for Sheetfed Inks, Europe concludes “This heralds a new and dynamic phase in our drive to be the supplier of choice to the folding carton food packaging sector. Our Novasens products have been perfected over many years, in consultation with converters and brand owners, and we believe them to be superior to anything else in the market. Now, with the enlarged facility, we can deliver bigger volumes of these specialist products than ever before, and more than enough to meet projected market growth demand”.

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