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Flint Group Paper & Board confirms success of its AQUACode range of inks in Europe.

Following the successful launch of its AQUACode range of products in 2019, Flint Group Packaging Inks continues to develop new solutions for Paper & Board applications to meet and exceed the needs of global packaging markets.

Paul Winstanley, Senior Director of Technology & Innovation for Flint Group Paper & Board Europe, comments: “We recognise that through new brand owner designs, changes to consumer behaviour, and the push to improve the sustainability credentials of the packaging market, continued development is critical to support our customers’ ambitions and product strategies. This is why we are so pleased to confirm the success of our AQUACode range of products for a wide range of water-based packaging applications.

“Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that customers are finding value beyond product quality and are experiencing improvements in their operational efficiencies resulting in significant cost savings. For example, customers have confirmed that switching to our AQUACode product range has resulted in print quality improvements, reduced waste and improvements in running speeds.

“We are happy to have a customer testimonial from DS Smith and grateful for their input. We look forward to sharing other customer stories detailing success and encouraging paper-based packaging converters to discover AQUACode.”

Launched under the AQUACode umbrella brand, the range comprises inks series designed to meet the needs of specific packaging and print applications. From corrugated to aseptic packaging, the AQUACode range delivers a host of operational and quality advantages for Paper & Board and Film & Foil printers, as well as providing new sustainability benefits.

The new AQUACode range includes 3 ink series plus coatings & additives: