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Flint Group: Introducing the first compostable confectionery packaging

Joint project by Innovia Films, BASF SE, DFTA and Flint Group

The sustainable and enduring use of resources plays an increasingly important role worldwide. This is also true for the packaging industry. Products need to be efficient and sustainable at the same time. More and more biodegradable components for packaging have been introduced by the supplying industry, especially in recent times, and now a compostable confectionery wrapper has been produced in a joint project. The packaging is based on a layout from Kalfany Süße Werbung GmbH & Co. KG.

BASF SE has provided the newly developed and fully compostable lamination adhesive Epotal® ECO which is certified by DIN CERTCO. Also compostable are the NatureFlex™ lamination films supplied by Innovia Films for the confectionery bags and wrappers.

The printing took place in the technology centre of DFTA (association for flexo printing) in Stuttgart, using printing inks and plates from Flint Group. The well-established and proven flexo printing plate nyloflex® ACE Digital was used in the process, which is optimally suited for the printing of flexible and aseptic packaging.
The printing ink FlexiPrint MV that was used for the project is heavy metal-free and also suitable for composting. High colour strength and excellent gloss can be achieved with this ink system that is free of TAA and phthalates.

The new confectionery packaging has been distributed with great success at various exhibitions and events.

Further information regarding Flint Group can be obtained on the internet under www.flintgrp.com or via info.flexo@flintgrp.com.

Caption: Print sample of the compostable confectionery wrapper

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