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Flint Group Flexographic Products announces price increases for printing plates

Price increases for nyloflex ® and nyloprint ® printing plates as a result of the global raw material situation

The printing and packaging industry has had to withstand significant and constant pressure since the economic collapse at the end of 2008. De-stocking of raw materials to this industry has resulted in unprecedented raw material prices, while the price of energy continues to rise towards the record levels. Additionally the chemical industry has consolidated heavily in the last few years, limiting the available global capacities. Serious shortages and unrelenting cost increases are still evolving along with an increasing demand.

These ongoing pressures are now beginning to severely impact on many of the raw materials used in the manufacture of Flint Group’s plate manifold components. As a consequence of this, Flint Group Flexographic Products has now began the process of imposing price increases on average by 5% for nyloflex® printing plates and by 10% for nyloprint® printing plates, depending on the product type - with immediate effect.

“We are aware that the printing industry is being exposed to a high cost pressure” explains Mario Busshoff, President Flint Group Flexographic Products, “and have been working hard to mitigate price increases through various cost containment initiatives, but now we have reached a point where we can no longer absorb the increases and need to adapt the prices for our printing plates.” Mr. Busshoff concludes: “We will however continue to challenge our own processes and suppliers to keep the price adjustments as low as possible.”

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