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Flint Group announces price increases for all printing inks in Europe, Middle East and Africa as of 1st Jan 2013

The highly volatile raw material markets in 2012 necessitate Flint Group to increase prices for all Coldset, Heatset, Publication Gravure, Sheetfed, Packaging and Narrow Web Inks and Coatings and Press Room Chemicals as of 1st Jan 2013.

In 2012, the global raw material markets have continued to be highly volatile. Despite the rather flat economic outlook, there are still many challenges for the supply chain. emand from the emerging markets is rising while supplier production capacities shrink, putting pressure on the entire printing ink sector.

Wolfgang Blumschein, Vice President Sales, Print Media Europe adds “The situation is further  aggravated by the weak Euro, as most world market base materials are traded in USD or USDrelated currencies, like the Chinese Yuen. This will inflate the raw material prices even further for the foreseeable future” He continues, “In addition to these pressures on the raw material markets, significant cost increases in transport, packaging and energy have also had an impact on our industry and are expected to rise further in 2013.”

The price increase will generally range from 2% - 6% depending on the product segment. There may though be some products that lie outside this range due to the type and oncentration of raw materials making up their composition.

Doug Aldred, President Packaging and Narrow Web, explains, “Cost pressure has been constant and the magnitude of the increases requires that we pass some of the ncreases
through the supply chain. Flint Group has made every effort to mitigate these cost increases by process optimisation and a leaner organisation as part of the continuous improvement process. However, consistent product quality is vital to our valued customers and will not be compromised.”

Flint Group representatives will contact each customer individually to explain the impact of these increases.

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