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FlexoPrint Works Smarter With LabelHub

FlexoPrint, a part of Optimum Group, uses LabelHub to manage all their digital label artwork, saving valuable time and resources for both themselves and their customers.

“When we first invested in digital equipment, I was focused on two things. 1. I didn’t want to hire a graphic designer, and 2. I wanted a fully automatic process from artwork to print. LabelHub has ensured both,” says Lars Ole Nauta, CEO of FlexoPrint & Optimum Group Nordic.

Automatic Prepress
LabelHub is an online platform tailored specifically to digital label manufacturers and their customers, which provides automatic prepress. Customers upload PDF artwork files into the system, receive instant preflight feedback and a print-ready status - or simple instructions on how to fix the PDF files - after which step & repeat files are automatically generated, and sent directly to the digital press. The user-friendly interface provides an overview of artwork and label specifications, with search and filter functions that help facilitate a simple re-ordering process.

Ready to Print in 5 Minutes
“Our customers send proofed artwork, we upload it to the system, and are ready to print in just 5 minutes. That saves valuable time and resources for all parties involved,” Lars Ole Nauta continues.

“Simply put, LabelHub has eliminated human errors in prepress, with the automatic preflight and step & repeat functions that allow us to focus on providing quick and efficient service,” he adds.

“Obviously, we chose LabelHub because it’s a great system – it works really well, is easy to use, and covers about 95% of all prepress work, but a key factor in this was Peter Vogt’s past experience with label printing – he’s dealt with all the problems and challenges we face daily, and has developed a solution that solves most, if not all of them,” Lars Ole Nauta concludes.

Work Smarter
“Everything we do is driven by the belief that we can help digital label manufacturers,” Peter Vogt, CEO & Founder of LabelHub, begins. “We set out to simplify and automate the label management process in a user-friendly way, and I think we’ve succeeded. We’ve helped several manufacturers around Scandinavia optimize their business and increase customer satisfaction, which has now brought about a number of inquiries from the UK and northern Europe,” he continues.

“We strongly believe that this is the future of digital label management - automation is key to reducing costs and working smarter, and in our humble opinion, LabelHub is the key to achieving that,” Peter Vogt concludes.

Photo caption: Peter Vogt, CEO & Founder of LabelHub ApS