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FlexoExpert – Flint Group Flexographic Products’ new programme

Certification programme according to Flint Group standards runs at Schawk in Nuremberg

Quality in prepress is not based on luck – it is the result of accurate and professional work, optimised processes and constant learning and improvement.

With the FlexoExpert, Flint Group Flexographic Products presents a new programme to provide plate makers with much more support for their daily business. At the beginning of this three-step certification programme, a Flint Group expert conducts an evaluation of the platemaking processes as well as the functionality of the processing equipment. The customers’ employees are trained and opportunities for improvement are discussed. At the same time, a status report is provided, which includes strengths and divergences as well as recommendations for improvement.

In the second phase, the action plan is implemented within a defined period of time and with the assistance of a Flint Group expert. Then, after six months, and as step three, the Flint Group specialist performs a final audit. By passing this audit, the customer is certified as a FlexoExpert for two years, and his customers can rely on consistently high quality printing plates.

As one of the first customers, Schawk in Nuremberg decided to accept this offer and become a FlexoExpert. Being part of the international Matthews group, Schawk is not only a partner with regional and local printing houses and brand owners, but also acts as a global service provider in the areas of artwork, reproduction and data management. Innovation, service and quality are as important for the company as complying with clearly defined standards.

“Flint Group’s programme has the advantage that not only the platemaking processes are examined carefully, but also the platemaking equipment, which is quality-related as well,” explains Frank Brief, Team Manager Customer Service at Schawk, Nuremberg. „With Flint Group‘s FlexoExpert, we now have additional opportunities to get our production equipment evaluated and certified according to standardised criteria. We are convinced that this programme will help our production staff to work more efficient with the equipment, enabling them to detect possible errors earlier and to fix them by themselves. After having made good experiences with the DFTA certification, we would now like to offer our customers another benefit and additional value with the FlexoExpert“.

“Our focus is on the service we provide based on our expertise in platemaking. We offer to optimise on-site processes jointly with our customers to enable them to dispatch optimal printing plates with consistent quality and to put them into the position to keep this standard permanently up." says Dr. Eva Freundenthaler, Vice President Technology Fling Group Flexographic Products. Through our global reach, we will offer this service to our customers around the globe."