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Fit for Industry 4.0: Intelligent Marking Solutions at the Hanover Fair

Schreiner ProTech will be showcasing its intelligent marking solutions at the booth of the VDMA Protect-Ing working group in Hall 8, D06, at this year’s Hanover Fair. All the solutions represent basic technologies for smart factory concepts in the age of the Internet of Things (IoT), also referred to as Industry 4.0. The range of products to be presented extends from digital product identification and production control to technical counterfeiting protection in mechanical engineering.

At the 2016 Hanover Fair, Schreiner ProTech, together with the Schreiner ProSecure, Schreiner LogiData and Schreiner Services competence centers, will be showcasing its pioneering functional labels for the smart factory of the future. In addition, the company is going to present the integration of overt and covert anti-counterfeiting technologies in modern marking solutions, sealing solutions for tampering protection, and track & trace systems for web-based tracing. 

Mobile Authentication: Convenient App-Based Detection of Fakes
For counterfeiting protection purposes, Schreiner ProTech leverages seamless integration of the features required for authentication. In addition to the 2D codes commonly used for product identification, a digital copy detection pattern is integrated into nameplates, logistics labels or other product tags in a way that is barely visible. This integrated solution makes it possible for users to easily scan all the relevant security features, using a 2D scanner or smartphone app, analyze them and reliably authenticate the product. In addition, components can effectively be marked directly with this anti-counterfeiting feature by means of laser engraving.

RFID Labels Automate Manufacturing Operations

Intelligent component marking using integrated RFID labels is becoming increasingly important, too. In addition to optimizing logistics processes, these smart labels have the capacity to store component history files. RFID labels even make it possible to automate set-up work for manufacturing machines and enable fully automatic component identification. In these manufacturing applications, users can also authenticate items using smartphone apps or conveniently access more detailed documents, such as installation and maintenance instructions, via an NFC interface or scanning of a 2D code.

Tailored Solutions: From Outsourced Application Work to Cell Manufacturing
Whenever customers roll out new marking technologies, Schreiner Services will assist them with its consulting and engineering know-how of printing, application and inspection systems. The company offers complete solutions on any desired scale: from taking care of applying functional labels to assembly components under an initial outsourcing agreement all the way to installing entire manufacturing cells at the customer’s site to ensure smooth integration of the new technology into existing infrastructures. Customer service and on-site support complement Schreiner Services’ portfolio to make companies fit for Industry 4.0.

Schreiner ProTech will be showcasing all of its new developments and many other intelligent marking solutions for Industry 4.0, product and brand protection during the 2016 Hanover Fair at the joint booth of the VDMA Protect-Ing working group in Hall 8, D06.