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FINAT publish guide to choosing the right label

FINAT January 2009. 

A simple, but extensive, guide to the detailed structural make-up of a label and its self-adhesive properties has been produced by FINAT, the industry’s global trade association, to help its customers make the best choice of decoration for their product.

The step-by-step presentation – available on-line in pdf form in FINAT’s educational section at www.finat.com – is extremely easy to understand and will be a valuable aid to ‘outsiders’ when they are commissioning labels from FINAT members.

Entitled ‘Self-Adhesive Materials and Adhesives – Making the right choice for your products’, the presentation has been produced by 4impression Training, as part of a series of similar modules aimed at spreading wider understanding of the label maker’s art.

While many self-adhesive materials appear similar in use, a self-adhesive laminate comprising of a facestock, liner,silicone coating, and adhesive is subtly engineered for the specific qualities required and this module provides an overview of those laminates and their characteristics, as well as covering the key issues involved in their production, selection and conversion…including the right choice of adhesive.

FINAT’s managing director, Jules Lejeune, said: “Our members spend their lives with labels and know their properties intimately but a brand-owner may not appreciate the intricacies that go into creating the right label for the right use. This educational module is a simple guide to help them appreciate all the factors that go into a good label and, in turn, help them sell more product on the strength of the best engineered label for their situation based on a choice through knowledge.”

Besides being of interest to label buyers, the guide will also be invaluable to new entrants to the label trade and to their sales staff by giving them a greater understanding of their industry and product.