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FINAT move to help label printers weather the ‘financial hurricane’

FINAT, the self-adhesive label trade association, is to organise a ‘storm watch' next month (March) to help members cope with the financial hurricane that is sweeping the world. 

Its Label Printer Forum is holding the special meeting in Amsterdam on March 26-27 to help its members cope with the pressures - with the stark warning: "Eat or be eaten." 

A panel of experts has been assembled to help FINAT members put the financial crisis into perspective and suggest means of adapting company strategies to weather the storm. There will also be a talking-shop with members exchanging ideas on coping and a look at how FINAT can support its members. 

Jules Lejeune, managing director of FINAT said: "We have seen the first announcements of drastic measures that companies in the label sector have taken to survive the financial hurricane and 2009 could be the year in which the business model of the self-adhesive label industry is being reshaped. This is another example of how FINAT is widening its benefits to members." 

Among the experts will be Luc Godfoid, of Dun and Bradstreet, who will look at survival and gauging client payment risks, Ernst Jan Kruis of Solveigh Corporate Development, who will examine means of valuing companies in a difficult business environment and spotting the right match, and Marc Timmerman of human resources group Hudson, who will discuss how to bridge the gap between redundancies this year while retaining the best people for the recovery. 

The workshop will be moderated by business strategist and scenario expert Paul de Ruijter. 

Participants will also obtain a preview of the results of the FINAT End-user Market Survey 2009 from Corey Reardon of AWA Alexander Watson Associates.

The limited number of seats will be free to FINAT members in good standing. 

Full details can be found at http://www.finat.com/templates/mercury.asp?page_id=1765