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FINAT addresses CO2 footprint and LCA

In view of environmental concerns among citizens, consumers, producers and legislators, the impact of Environmental Social and Governance criteria on business behaviour is growing. There is a growing demand for objective criteria to measure the environmental impact of labels and packaging products and processes, and to provide data to customers and stakeholders. But there are challenges in obtaining and providing the appropriate data and in comparing alternative solutions. Data for which they need input from their suppliers since they can only provide data about their own sphere of influence (scope 1 and 2) whereas also scope 3 data are needed from further up the value chain. 

FINAT has therefore launched a project to provide clarity and give guidance to the label community on the subject of Product Carbon Footprint (PCF) and Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). As a first step, at their stand at Labelexpo Europe, FINAT will launch a brochure and animated video to explain the basics of PCF and LCA, the distinction between the two and the fact that this needs an entire value chain approach. These two releases will also be presented at a press conference on Tuesday 12 September at 12.00 CET.