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Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives presents "The New In," the creative catalog featuring new products from the Manter world

Manter by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives presents a collection of its latest products, a journey to discover trends and innovations in the world of premium labeling for wine, spirits and the luxury world. An experience through the Manter brand's best self-adhesive papers, developed through the central theme of travel.

A unique catalog that expresses Manter's great experience in creative labeling, a real journey to discover innovations in the world of premium wine, liquor and luxury labels, told by the flair of six Spanish design studios. It is "The New In" the new collection of premium self-adhesive papers from Manter by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives. Each edition of the catalogue will feature a specific theme and will be developed by designers from a different country. For the first edition, Spain was chosen, with the narrative of the "travel" theme. Six different Spanish design studios represented on a label, as if it were a canvas, their vision and concept of travel, making the most of the technical possibilities offered by these new materials.

"The New In" also encompasses the products' technical information and celebration of their expressive potential, highlighted by unique textures and finishes, a result of the strong synergy between Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives and Fedrigoni Paper. First of all, the precious range of alternative fibers such as cotton, sugar cane and dried grass, valuable precisely because they are characterized by small imperfections that make them unique. And again, new materials with ECF-type fibers derived from bamboo, straw, hemp and cocoa, designed to create labels with a strong personality and visual appeal that maintain a close connection with their natural environment.

The journey through the catalogue continues with the Neck Label series, the range of premium collar papers in which technological efficiency and the highest quality are combined. A valuable finishing touch to complement the best coordinated packaging. Re-Play, the spearhead of Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives' premium circular products, could not be missed. Made from the waste of recovered siliconized liner, Re-Play reduces CO2 emissions by up to 45%, water consumption by up to 55% and energy consumption by up to 49%, compared to a self-adhesive material obtained from cellulose recycled by traditional method; the first real example of upcycling in the world of luxury labeling.

The significant presence of solutions that reintegrate production waste and use recycled materials highlights the importance of production strategies in favour of a circular economy, tangible proof of the Fedrigoni Group's commitment to the 2030 sustainability goals. Completing the catalogue are a series of novel solutions, from embossed to felt-marked papers, a world to be discovered made with the best available technologies.

"The New In" means innovation, discovery, texture, colour and performance. A unique experience for the world of labelling, presented with an attractive design and different levels of reading: from the purely aesthetic and conceptual, which will capture the attention and captivate the eye, to the more technical and industrial, able to reveal the most concrete details of our solutions - says Alina Miccolis, Marketing and Communication Manager for the Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives division. With our Manter by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives brand, we believe in creativity as the driver of the innovation journey. That's why we work on new ideas every day in close contact with printers and designers from all over the world, constantly aiming to find new things. And it is precisely the concept of discovery that inspired us to choose travel as the leitmotif of the catalogue, a theme that will accompany "The New In" label collection throughout 2023."

"The New In" will be officially presented to creatives and designers at the upcoming Luxe Pack Monaco October 2-4 at the Fedrigoni booth. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to travel with us to discover a new world. A journey into the Fedrigoni world, not only visual but also metaphorical, tracing the path of the Group's transformation over the past three years, its growth, development and conscious choice in search of sustainability.