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Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives introduces Monet X-Dry FSC

Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives (FSA), a supplier of premium labels and self-adhesive materials, has introduced Monet X-Dry Ultra WS FSC to the North American market.

Monet is an uncoated paper with natural brightness and technology that preserves initial opacity and graphics integrity and eliminates bubbles and wrinkles, even when subject to extreme temperature changes or ice buckets.

Monet features X-Dry a technology that is specifically designed to preserve the initial label opacity and integrity after being exposed to extreme temperature changes, making it ideal for wine and spirits, which are often placed in refrigerators and ice buckets.

The proprietary X-Dry technology also helps ensure the legibility of graphic design and a brand's image. With added ultra wet strength technology, this material also prevents deformation, wrinkles and bubbles from forming on the label. These two technologies, combined with the permanent acrylic adhesive, which improves adhesion to glass bottles, is marketed for white, rose, and sparkling wines in addition to any premium product that requires a high-performing label in varying temperatures and humidity conditions.

Melissa Harton, marketing manager, Fedrigoni North America said: ‘We are pleased to be able to offer this premium wine and spirits paper here in the United States. Not only is it a highly functional material, but it also offers the perfect canvas for the elegant designs we see in the wine and spirits markets today. We are also pleased to have another FSC-certified product in our portfolio.’

Fedrigoni’s Monet X-Dry Ultra WS FSC not only provides resistance to immersion in water/ice but also helps prevent creases and deformation and offers a sustainability story for brands. Monet X-Dry Ultra WS is FSC certified, made from elemental chlorine-free (ECF) pulp and is acid-free.