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Fedrigoni Mistral, the new range of special embossed papers for fine publishing, creative communication and luxury packaging

Classic elegance and distinctive textures, a range that expands the Fedrigoni embossed paper offer with its timeless design. This is Fedrigoni Mistral, the new collection of special natural and coated papers ideal for all high-end publishing projects (such as books, catalogues, covers), communication support (invitations and brochures, greeting cards, tags) and luxury packaging. Its name is inspired by the Mistral, which brings a peaceful and fresh climate to the Mediterranean. Just like the blowing North West wind, the Mistral range brings a breath of freshness and originality, resulting in exclusive creative projects featuring the unique textures of this sophisticated, timeless range, helping to create a truly tactile experience.

Available in a wide range of grammages from 100 to 400 g/m2, Mistral comes in a more elegant texture in the Tradition version, and a geometrical weave in the Design version, both with a delicate and refined touch. Tones range from the bright ivory of Ivory, to the natural white - free of optical brighteners - of Natural, to the timeless Premium White.

The range consists of three versions, all made from pure ECF pulp and FSC certified and compatible with the most common printing technologies. Mistral Tradition comprises natural papers and boards embossed on both sides with Tradition textures, is available in six grammages (100-120-170- 250-320-400 gsm) and in Premium White, Natural and Ivory. Mistral Stucco Tradition - also available with double-sided embossed papers and boards - is subjected to the special Stucco surface treatment, which guarantees high colour rendition, intensity and homogeneity of the print, ensuring images are sharp and brilliant, while maintaining the appearance of the paper. Available in four grammages (120-170-270-350 gsm) in Premium White and Natural shades. Finally, Mistral Design, which includes natural papers and boards embossed on both sides in Design texture, in four grammages (120-170-250-350 gsm) and two shades: Premium White and Natural. For the higher grammages, the substrate consists of a multi-layer structures: this provides Mistral with a series of superior mechanical characteristics such as stiffness, tear resistance, high thickness, roughness and a particular tactile performance.

"Mistral combines tradition and innovation with a touch of luxury packaging. The breadth of the range makes it suitable for a wide variety of creative needs, adding a refined and absolutely original touch to every project. Mistral gives life to a special tactile and visual experience," says Celine Bertuzzi, Head of Product Marketing for Fedrigoni Special Papers, "Mistral is part of the solutions dedicated to creative communication of Fedrigoni Special Papers, the new name of the division dedicated to special papers, which comprises three souls: luxury packaging, publishing & creative communication, and technical solutions. Technical expertise, high quality materials, continuous innovation and a commitment to sustainability open up a scenario in which, as on a blank page, the most creative ideas take shape. Hence the new concept of Fedrigoni Special Papers: 'Shaping Ideas'.